July 2024


…not off to a great start.

Thursday and Friday were great.

Until I went to bed Friday evening. And then I thought to myself – I must be getting sick – there was that tattletale sign of a mild sore throat.

And so it was: Saturday I woke up feeling like crap. Which continued through Sunday and Monday. I was […]

Frohe Weihnachten! / Happy Christmas!

Christmas Cheer!

Wow. My blog has been quiet this month – but before I get into what’s been going on, let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Although, all things considered, I’m probably not the first person to do this – so just take my seasonal greetings in the manner […]

What an icky few weeks.

Germany seems to have come down with a cold.


Germany seems to have come down with a number of colds, and I am getting each one in turn. So far, I’ve had three distinct colds – a heavy duty cold in late January that marked its entrance with a headache and minor fever. Two […]

Happy Thanksgiving. Or Not.

Ah… if I were stateside today, I would be eating turkey.

But I’m not. I’m in Berlin.

And I’m sick.

It actually makes me doubly happy that both of m tentative thanksgiving plans fell through since I would have had to cancel anyway.

Instead I’m spending my second day in a row at home, wondering […]

Bleh… Travel Headaches… No, not the kind you’re thinking of.

Lorenzkirche, one of many pretty churches in Nürnberg.

Saturday I headed south from Berlin to Nürnberg, something close to 4 solid hours on the train. Luckily I managed to get two seats to myself.

Unluckily, as I was checking into my hotel, I realized that I had a massive, massive headache, and no Tylenol […]

This is good Friday, timing wise.

Most of the time, I’m indifferent to religious holidays.

This time, the timing actually perfect: somebody charitably shared a cold with me and I need the time off to recover. The cold first made itself known to me late Monday night, walloped me Tuesday (enough that I stayed home and slept 90% of the day), […]

Surprise Cold

This has been a pretty rough week for me—and it’s not work related.

Instead I have cold that seemed to be mild, but I suspect it knocked me off my otherwise still moving feet.

Usually when I get a cold I have a warning in that I have a mild sore throat. Whenever that happens […]

What a beautiful long weekend. Too bad…

I’m actually stuck at home, recovering from what appears to be a mild cold.

It started Wednesday when I woke up with a mild sore throat. Instead of risking it, I stayed home, worked from home, and by mid-afternoon I felt fine. The sore throat was gone and I was ready to start dancing.

Thursday […]

Kaopectate Memories…

A couple weeks ago my PseduoWife was trying to explain to somebody here in Germany what Pepto-Bismol is—and she turned to me for an assist.

Unfortunately I was not the right person to ask because as a child my Mother was serving up Kaopectate whenever I was in a position to need it—and, as a […]

Random Notes

From a Burger King's Kid's Meal!

Beam Me Up: For now Burger King is winning my business—I’ve collected three of the Star Trek figures: Young Spock, Old Spock, and Captain Kirk. Sorry PapaScott, but this trend will continue for at least a week—although truth be told, the competition to Burger King in Weimar’s […]