March 2023


Swaziland Lodging Choices

Here is choice number one:

Tall indigenous trees, all grown from seed, now tower over the camp overlooking an artificially created wetland system, which is home to hippopotamus, crocodile and a variety of water birds including infrequent visiting fish eagles. The camp is unfenced, yet relatively safe as only smaller species of wildlife occur in […]

Cheltenham Spa

I am in Cheltenham Spa for a day of meetings—and they’ve gone well. I’ve also managed to get set up with a suave desk and an Internet connection so that I can work.

At the expense of going out, I finally finished the big project—on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—so I emailed it off and […]

The Expected

Honestly, it has already been said, over, and over, and over again, so in order to avoid feeling like a lemming, I decided I wouldn’t actually explicitly say it.

Regardless, I worked at home this morning—I had intended to sleep in a bit, but my body decided it wanted to be wide awake at 6:45—so […]

Another Blah Entry

Today was a vaguely productive day – I think one of my projects that I keep thinking is done, is now almost really done. I had a surprise email to deal with regarding the project at the end of the day, but that was no big deal in the end.

The day concluded with a […]

Rotterdam Roundup

My weekend in Rotterdam was full of fun and games.

Saturday I slept in fairly late—until something like 9:30, which left me less than 30 minutes to eat breakfast at the hotel—so I dashed downstairs and ate breakfast before taking a shower and getting set-up for the day.

My day was filled with three fantastic […]



It’s almost midnight

…and I just got home.

That means two days in a row of sucky blog entries.

Tonight was fun though–I went out to dinner with colleagues to Jena’s vegetarian restaurant, Zapata’s. I had a nice mushroom risotto and two hefeweißen.



Today I: (a) walked across Weimar to hitch a ride to Jena, stopping for coffee on the way; (b) attended a presentation where my mobile rang, thus embarrassing me and interrupting the lecture; (c) carried a bicycle back to Weimar on the train—an awkward and annoying thing to do, plus I ended up walking the […]


Today was an interesting day–class, presentation, meeting, and dinner.

Dinner had two beers and I am a bit too tired to write more now. I will post something longer tomorrow.

My Pillows Are Full of What?

From the In-Box


Your pillows are full of fungal spores. And you thought there were just innocent feathers in there? While this zoo of munching fungi might not pose a risk to normal people, one study proves it is risky to those with asthma and suppressed immune systems.

And just when you thought the […]