February 2024


Irish Poetry and an Appreciative Clapping Audience

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of joining the Irish Berliner and Snooker in Berlin for a poetry reading at the Irish Embassy.

Admittedly I am not a huge poetry reader. I find poetry difficult to navigate and comprehend on the first try—and I suspect that I process poetry differently from the way I process […]

Trains & Planes

OK, with a title like that, you can guess that I am travelling.

It starts with a week-long trip to the States—Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, before returning to Weimar for a week. Thanksgiving week I’ll be off visiting my family in Denver.

Today I’m off to Berlin—I prefer flying from Berlin only because I know […]

Friday Night: Work

I realize that it might sound a little bit lame to the world at large, but my Friday night in Berlin was good.

On the train ride up there I got quite a bit of work done—from 08:50, when I sat down, until 11:05 when Berlin was announced, I focused on something I needed to […]

Moulin Rougte

Saturday was a feast of fun: Snooker and I ate, rode, listened, and looked our way through the Deutsch-Amerikanischen Volksfest.

We’d made a critical error in our planning process: Snooker found the website for the festival and forwarded it. I promptly clicked through and made a snap judgment: That looks really cool! Both of us […]

Dinner at Perlin

Friday night I met Snooker for dinner at a charming little wine bar named Perlin.

Being American, we arranged to meet extremely early at 6:30. I had picked the time under the vague impression that we could have dinner and that afterwards I would go out dancing and have a late night. Unfortunately our agreed […]

Random Thoughts

It’s time for one of these blog entries filled with random crapola; most of which probably doesn’t interest anybody.

Dressing For Success: Remember that guy I talked about last week: two black hoodies with a black coat? I haven’t seen him since I wrote about it. Karma has bitten me in the ass: I liked […]

Public Sex

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am oblivious to men cruising for sex unless it’s painfully blatant (see Guadalajara) or it’s pointed out on a map (see Vancouver).

Maybe it’s because the idea of hooking up in the woods doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m more into the fresh out of […]

Ten Years On

Ten years ago I was still living in Laramie, Wyoming, and only tentatively sticking my head outside the closet door (Yes CQ; I know what you want to say, but let’s stick with my internal narrative).

In that era I couldn’t imagine myself going out and dancing anywhere-the idea of drinking and dancing was beyond […]

Berlin Bound

Tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding a train to Berlin—I am headed to the big city in order to take care of some personal business that is easier taken care of right now than later.

It’s a great way to be distracted from VD.

I’m really excited about this trip—I need time in the big city—the […]

Geil Berlin Jungen Männer

I haven’t talked about last weekend beyond the Berlin Hustlaball, so here is more.

Berlin is growing on me and Saturday I had a fantastic evening hanging out with the fabulous Snooker. We had sushi at Papa Nô on Oranienstraße. Papa Nô chief geographical feature is that it is a couple doors down from SO36, […]