June 2024


Sunday in Berlin

Fresh snow!

Despite the unpleasant weather, this has been a very nice weekend. Saturday I spent much of the day sleeping and reading — a great way to recover from an unusually intense workout Friday evening. There was a little bit of shopping thrown in there as well. Today I started with […]

48: The Eleven in the Middle

Ah… time to bore you with 11 states in the middle of the country, now that I’ve cleared the 12 in the West. I’m en route to talking about the 48 Contiguous United States – and in the near future I will have visited all 48, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii to visit.

North Dakota […]

Viel Schnee.

das Original

Am ende von meine Reise habe ich „Adam-Zeit“.

Diese mal bin ich in Indianapolis und Indianapolis ist der „Frankfurt“ von den USA: ein Stadt ohne Seele und ohne Vorsatz. Es ist geisttötend.

Samstag morgen Indianapolis habe mehr Schnee—aber diese Schnee ist über ein dick Inlandeis. Freitag Abend […]

Fargo should have been the least of my concerns!

This has been an interesting trip – at least weather wise – and not always in a good way.

From the moment I planned this trip I was most worried about Fargo and it’s extremely cold temperatures. Instead I’ve experienced a miserable snowstorm in Denver that made driving a challenge and, Tuesday afternoon in Bloomington, […]

Oh my! It’s Thursday evening already!

Wow – I haven’t posted since Monday morning and it’s now Thursday evening – and I will barely make it to posting this before my blog thinks it is Friday.

Long story short, I’ve had a great week.

I went to Fargo, North Dakota, in order to see old college friends – who moved to […]

Der Fußweg: von Schnee zu Kies

das Original

Durch die ganzen Monat von Dezember, Berlin haben viele Schnee. Mit der Schnee, die Temperatur war immer unter der Schmelzpunkt.

Folglich er war mehr und mehr Schnee an der Fußweg und an der Straße.

Wann der Schnee ist glatt, dann die Hausmeistern muss sich ausbreiten Kies auf […]

Seen Today, Leaving Home

It happened!

photo by OK Copito

So the fear expressed in my previous post, came to reality–actually it came to reality many times, but at least one time there was a blogger who heard the event and photographed the aftermath!

OK Copito is a Spanish-language blog based here in Weimar–and as the author was hard […]

Look Out Below!

The fact is that it’s been both a cold and a snowy winter here in Weimar and after a lot of snow fell earlier this season—really last year—it’s stuck around.

There was a period of time when I wouldn’t leave my house without wearing my aforementioned thick socks and my heavy boots because not only […]

Little Man

I have the vague feeling that most of my readers are experiencing unusually cold temperatures right now. Here’s one little fellow who has no objections!