July 2024


Noch ein, bitte?

Gay Berlin is amazing.

Like any reasonable first world major city, Berlin has a vivid and vibrant gay scene that is all inclusive and diverse. If you like twinks, there are lots of twink bars; if you like Turks, there’s Gayhane night once a month at SO36; and if you like punishment, well, there’s a […]

Guts Pie Earshot

So Thursday morning, No Nickname Guy and I trained up to Berlin, checked into an apartment, explored the city, and then went to the Guts Pie Earshot concert.

Guts Pie Earshot is described as “Live Drumnbass Punk”—and I went completely blind, not knowing what kind of music I was getting into, only going on the […]

Gay Berlin Notes

This blog entry is more for myself, although I suppose anybody who is gay and visiting Berlin might find it useful in planning their trip.

Event Calendars can be found at Siegessäule (“queer in Berlin.”) and sergej.de – print magazine versions can be found at queer venues in Berlin. Be careful: if you are in […]

Back Home Again…

My trip to Berlin was pretty darned good.


Now I will confess that I misplayed parts of my trip, but it is suffice to say that my opinion of Berlin has turned a corner. The city still has fundamental problems—like being too spread out and difficult to get around—but this time I kind of […]

The Expected

Honestly, it has already been said, over, and over, and over again, so in order to avoid feeling like a lemming, I decided I wouldn’t actually explicitly say it.

Regardless, I worked at home this morning—I had intended to sleep in a bit, but my body decided it wanted to be wide awake at 6:45—so […]

Gay Leipzig

Friday night I decided to scratch my gay itch—but this time instead of going to gay Berlin, I decided it was feasible to take a late train to Leipzig, enjoy the gay night-life and then take the first train back on Saturday morning.

And it was. I took the 21:50 train from Weimar arriving in […]

Gay Berlin


Thursday evening’s entertainment nightcap was a trip to Tom’s—the nearest bar to my place that seemed worth visiting. It opened at 10p, and I didn’t bother leaving my place until 11:30. Surprisingly, the area was quiet. Not much was going on at all, and I didn’t see anybody going into the bar.

So I […]