May 2024


Soviet War Memorial in Schönholzer Heide

Last Sunday I headed up toward northern Berlin, a part of the city I have not really taken the time to explore. This time I wanted to see the Soviet War Memorial in Schönholzer Heide, one of the three (that I know of) Soviet memorials to World War II in Berlin.

Surprisingly, the […]

20 Years On: Old Soviet Military Base

News from October 1989.

A few years ago I spotted on Flickr some photographs of an old Soviet military base located near Weimar. Thursday I finally made the trek out there with a friend—he with his sophisticated film camera, me with my crappy point and shoot digital camera.

I’d show you his pictures, but […]

Innocence Shattered

There comes a point in everyone’s upbringing when they realize some truths about the world around them—and that often these truths are rather unpleasant.

The first time I can remember this happening to me was back at Park Hill Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. As is with traditional with American elementary education, it was a […]

Respect and Honor

On the other side of the Potomac River from The Mall is Arlington National Cemetery, and it was my destination for the day. And now I don’t know where to begin because Arlington National Cemetery single handedly brings up a myriad of topics to consider, both personal and political.

I guess I’ll start with the […]

Photo Friday: Unfinished

Celebrating 50 years of Soviet Armenia was left unfinished; one day it will be an art museum.

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6,500 AMD (14,44€)

Last Saturday, my Armenian Host and I took a day trip from his home town of Vanadzor to Gyumri.

Our adventure cost us 6,500 Armenia Dram, which is the equivalent of 14,21€/19.27USD. Broken down, we paid 200 Dram to get from his flat to the city center; 1,000 Dram to take the bus from Vanadzor […]


I’m playing the 24 Hour Game right now.

In exactly 24 hours from now, I will be waiting in an airport terminal, waiting for my connecting flight to board so that I can be on my way to Armenia, for the second time.

This is going to be a short trip: five nights away from […]

Love One Another

One of the more edify aspects of my journey to Armenia was the realization of how deep mistrust and hatred of other peoples can go. There were two things that drove this message home, affecting me in ways I had not anticipated.

The most obvious and visible symbol of hatred in Armenia is Tsitsernakaberd, the […]

Photo Friday: Anger

Anger at the past, expressed in a monument:

“To the victims of the political repression 1920-1991.”

Vanadzor, Lori, Armenia.

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