April 2024


Barcelona, other things…

Barcelona seems like, at first glance, a very nice city to explore – and worthy of returning.

However, it has quite the reputation for pickpockets and other petty theft. My first morning in Barcelona, I stopped by a nearby café, whose waiter informed me that Barcelona had the best pickpockets in the world, better […]

Mystery Solved: Barcelona

Drawing of Barcelona from 1972

For quite a few years, I have had a drawing on my living room wall of a street scene in Barcelona – it is the only piece of art I have that represents a place I had not been. Rather, it was a piece of art drawn by […]

Seen in Berlin: Brave or Stupid?

That 70s Show

I’ve now seen something in real life that I only associated with the 70s in America.

Fuel shortages.

Last Monday truck drivers in Spain decided to protest high fuel prices by going on strike. If it were America, they would have formed a picket line in front of a gas station and that would have […]

Madrid III

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is probably Madrid’s second most famous museum, and after 2:30 on Saturday afternoons, it is free to all, not just those people listed in the fine print.

I arrived at the Sofía around 3 having taken the long way there via the Atocha train station, and upon […]


Writing about Madrid takes time, so even though I’m entering the last day, I need to have time to write the entry, and that’s not happening until I take the computer home at night… which is again, not happening tonight.

I’m thinking you should expect a post about Madrid on Saturday.

You might want to […]

Madrid II


I started Friday by picking up a copy of The Guardian and reading more news about the London Bombers. I sped through the paper before meeting my sister. We were off to do the Palacio Real de Madrid; where the Spanish Royalty lived.

The Palace was beautiful and enchanting on many levels. We started […]

Madrid I

The first thing I have to say about Madrid is that it was really hot.

How hot you ask?

I arrived at my hotel at 11 in the evening, grabbed a quick shower, and headed out for a walk. I emerged out onto a crowded Grand Via and spotted a bus-stop which informed me that […]