June 2024


To the Stars: I saw George Takei in London

Last fall when Twitter started being destroyed, I set up an account on Mastodon – and after an initial burst of activity on Mastodon, I have reverted back to my Twitter-scale of use. (In other words, I don’t use it at all.)

That said, during my “active” time on Mastodon, I followed George Takei. […]

Whatchamacallit 127: Star Trek Figures from 2009 / Burger King

This small collection of Star Trek characters was acquired while I lived in Weimar.

These were the toys included with kid’s meals at Burger King – and I discovered that they existed too late to eat enough meals to get all the toys – so I have Scotty, Kirk, Old Spock, Sulu, and Young […]

There are Geekier Geeks Than Me!

Sometimes, when I hope people aren’t listening, I would sing to myself a song that I remember from my childhood — a promotional song for Star Trek (TOS) reruns.

Somehow YouTube’s algorithms pulled it up and put it in my recommended viewing list.

I probably shouldn’t post it here. But I am.


Dreaming about the final frontier.

This morning, thanks to Twitter, I realized that Space Shuttle Endeavour was landing in Florida—so I took a few minutes away from work to watch the landing.

Really there are a number of things to consider: First, I could watch the landing live thanks to streaming over the Internet—live feed, straight from NASA on my […]


Although I actually have a dark horse candidate for my vacation this fall that’s still under consideration, I want to point out two spots that forced a trip to Alberta, Canada to one of the top spots on my list.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump—with a name like that, I’m not really sure I have to explain […]


I first heard that Star Trek “Slash” existed a couple weeks ago, however I chose not to seek it out. Instead it sought me out.

Nightmares lie ahead.

Via Malchik Gai’s Favorites.

Random Notes

From a Burger King's Kid's Meal!

Beam Me Up: For now Burger King is winning my business—I’ve collected three of the Star Trek figures: Young Spock, Old Spock, and Captain Kirk. Sorry PapaScott, but this trend will continue for at least a week—although truth be told, the competition to Burger King in Weimar’s […]

ReMote TV

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about the new satellite television decoders in my apartment.

At the time I had just installed the devices and I shared my horror at the discovery that a large number of channels carried disgusting aberrant sex: naked boys with naked girls doing the most unspeakable and unnatural […]