June 2024


Berlin Hosting (yet another) World Championship – This time Boot Throwing

What an awesome logo: the Berlin Bear, throwing a boot!

Saturday took me on an adventure to northern Berlin – Tegel – in order to attend the closing day of the Boot Throwing World Championships 2013 and World Cup 4.

Lest you think that I am making this kind of bullshit up, I’m not. […]

Nothing quite like casual racism from old people…

Wednesday evening I boarded the plane to Europe, happy to be headed home, thrilled to be doing so in the comfort of the emergency exit row with infinite legroom.

Alas, I was not alone; seated next to me were an older couple. He was GI who’d met and married the German girl of his dreams […]

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest!

A few weeks ago there was an accidental contest on Twitter in which various American expats living in Germany were trying to outdo each other in what could only be describe as a contest one doesn’t actually want to win:

The Batshit-Crazy Home State Politician Contest.

I thought, at the time, that I […]


I first heard that Star Trek “Slash” existed a couple weeks ago, however I chose not to seek it out. Instead it sought me out.

Nightmares lie ahead.

Via Malchik Gai’s Favorites.

Another Perspective

My 10 o’clock appointment was cancelled today—so I was left twiddling my thumbs—the big project of the moment was at home, I was at the office, and so I started surfing—off to a wiki to get educated.

I learned the following:

Public school students in America have these characteristics:

30% fail to graduate […]

Shoes With Tea

I picked the pair of shoes below whilst in England—a brand I’d never heard of, El Natura Lista.

The shoes were cute, although I had to go up a half US size in order to get the width I needed. One of my foots is wider than the other, and the other is slightly longer […]

Feeling Slightly Demented

Whenever I’m in Britain, I always feel like something slightly off.

I spent last night at the Holiday Inn Bristol Filton, a hotel located somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the vicinity of Bristol.

It’s the kind of hotel with a “pillow menu”.

That didn’t stop them from being British, […]

Note to DataLounge Readers/Users

I am not the OP, “Can’t stop thinking about him” of the thread entitled “Hot guy flirted with me today.”

That post violates DataLounge’s Terms of Use, specifically the points:

Please do not intentionally make false or misleading statements (or you may not get re-elected).


Please do not post material that infringes copyright.

On […]


I watched a movie starring Pastor Haggard with my office colleagues.

Amusing, for all the wrong reasons—and despite the fact that it was my second viewing of the film, I was still nauseous.

Photo Friday: Strange

The strange tissue box amused me.

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