April 2024


Three Things I’m Missing Since I’m Hitting the Road.

I’m leaving town this week — and while I’m gone, I’ll be missing (at least) three big things:

The first thing I’ll be missing is the German Federal Elections, which will be held Sunday the 22nd. As a political junkie I’ll “miss” it to some extent — but as a non-citizen, I have no […]

Orange you glad it’s fall?

This weekend was the Schöneberg Kürbisfest – that is the Schöneberg Pumpkin Festival – on the nearby Akazienstraße.

Saturday the weather wasn’t really that great and I only briefly wandered through it, buying a few pumpkins to decorate my apartment for the month of October. Sunday morning was clear and crisp – temperatures have fallen […]

Kurbis (Pumpkin) Festival in Berlin!

As it happens I am in the middle of a large and time sensitive project so I find myself working this weekend—and I decided to check out one of the nearby cafes, Café Bilderbuch, to see if it was a good working environment.

The short answer is no, not on the weekends.

The long answer […]

Weimar Tanzt

So, as some of you may recall, I had originally planned to go to a concert this weekend in order to see my favorite DJ, Kai Tracid, perform his magic. However, as you may have surmised, that did not happen. I didn’t feel like staying up all night to see him perform because, in fact, […]

Darmstadt, Germany

Saturday morning was the first (and only) morning on this trip that I actually slept until my alarm clock went off; I proceeded to shut it off and then doze for another half hour until I forced myself out of bed and into the shower: I had to finish packing a few meager items before […]