May 2024


This is the story so far…

such cute dogs!

I’ve had a really great trip to Rotterdam, so far.

Thursday was a productive, albeit lonely, day at the Rotterdam Office; dinner was with some really great people and lasted late into the evening.

Friday was a bit less productive—I was sluggish getting out of bed and to the office—and at […]

That 70s Show

I’ve now seen something in real life that I only associated with the 70s in America.

Fuel shortages.

Last Monday truck drivers in Spain decided to protest high fuel prices by going on strike. If it were America, they would have formed a picket line in front of a gas station and that would have […]

A Good Surprise!

As an American living abroad I lack something that fellow citizens take for granted.

(Relatively) easy contact with the US Government is difficult: my postmen (and there are multiple ones on a daily basis) do not work for the US Postal Service, the men in blue (or green) wear badges labeled POLIZEI, and the men […]

Life in France Germany

So I was planning to head up to Berlin this weekend—take care of some personal business, meet up with Snooker and Eurotrippen, do some shopping, and have some fun.

However Ver.di, the union representing workers of the BVG (public transit in Berlin) decided to go on strike from 03:00 today until midnight, Friday, February 14. […]

Die Strikers D(i)efeated!

I am in Dresden.

Despite the ongoing strike by Die Bahn’s train drivers, I made it to Dresden today, and my plan worked better than expected.

Yesterday I’d peeked at the train schedule in the morning and noticed that some trains were getting from Weimar to Halle, so I decided to gamble: If I went […]

Viva Snow

I saw my first snow of the year this morning.

It was moments before I was leaving that I looked out the window and realized that in dawn’s early light, snow was gently drifting down and dusting the leaves and cars with a fine coating of white snow.

Snow, when not coming down several meters […]

Struck, not stuck!

Die Bahn’s train drivers are going on strike from 2am Thursday through 2am Saturday.

Nice, eh?

I was supposed to go to Dresden Friday afternoon to take part in this year’s Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up, but because of the strike, I cannot fathom making it on Friday: I’ll catch an early train Saturday morning and […]

Time Flies

It’s hard to believe, but in a week I will be in Weimar.

Ok, that was a bit of a tease, but in just over a week, I won’t be here—off on another one of my adventures to the New World: Hoosierland and Oregon. While I realize I was last in Hoosierland quite recently, the […]