June 2024


What’s doing with me…

I’m in Denver, briefly, visiting my family and seeing my Mom’s new house.

So far I haven’t made any accidental trips to the old house, my car has managed to find its way to the new address without error each and every time. I bet I head to the old house the next time […]

Spring seems to be here – at least today.

The weather this week has been cool and rainy – and it will continue to be – except for today, when the temperature soared to 27C (80F), I left the office as early as I could and headed out to a park where I read a book and enjoyed the warm out doors.

And just […]

I could be depressed, but yesterday I…

As I imagine it, people are bored of me (and others) all bitching about the same thing pretty much continuously for the last few weeks: the lack of summer this summer here in Berlin

So when yesterday’s forecast had a big ball of flame on it, and it didn’t turn into clouds, I got excited […]

If there’s one thing I can say about this summer, it’s unseasonable.


This has been a summer of extremes and not so many average days. Back in July a decent cause of my sleepless nights was the fact that people were sleeping and partying in the park across the street from where I was living. It got to a point where I was hoping for […]

Outta Hibernation!

Sorry about my silence the last weekend, but the sun came out and, consequently, I went out. I’ve gone for a number of long walks out into the country side, and then in the evenings I’ve either been plum tuckered out, or, like last night, I went over to a friend’s place to hang out […]

Pleasant Summer Evenings

I’ve heard through the rumor mill that this German summer has been pretty cold, wet, and otherwise miserable.

Not so for me: if you’ll recall, when I was here for a week of meetings in July, it was a nice and toasty 38°C (100F, for the Celsius challenged). I pretty much spent the week sitting […]

My First…

The subject of this post may be inappropriate for those under 18 (or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction).

Personally, I doubt it, but just in case, this is a warning that mature subject matter follows, once you follow the jump.