April 2024


Monday, April 20, 2015, has rocked! From the beaches of Samoa…

My sunset for Monday, April 20th.

Since Friday evening, I’ve been off the grid, enjoying myself at the Taufua Beach Fales located in Samoa.

Morning at the Taufua Beach Fales.

Now that it’s evening – Tuesday fast approaching with its onward travel – I want to post a few photos – and remark […]

Hawaiian Sunset

Vacation Review

My chariot to Lisbon – A TAP Portugal A319, Flight TP 537. Over an hour and a half late.

Before my trip to Lisbon, a few friends asked me to take notes because they are (or are thinking about) going to Lisbon. Unfortunately for them, my plan was to go to the beach and […]

What’s doing with me…

I’m in Denver, briefly, visiting my family and seeing my Mom’s new house.

So far I haven’t made any accidental trips to the old house, my car has managed to find its way to the new address without error each and every time. I bet I head to the old house the next time […]

What a Labor Day!

This week is great: It started, of course, Monday – I was one of but a few people at the office – and public transport was, essentially, empty. I couldn’t have imagined a better day of work – I actually got work done and had an enjoyable lunch with one of my colleagues.

Since Tuesday […]

Köln, a beautiful city at night, worth the #WEBMU adventure

This was my second trip to Cologne and this one was vastly different from the first. That said, both were great and I would happily return to Cologne to party, either with, or without, my wunderbar expat friends.

Perhaps the best time of day in Cologne was the evening – preparing for drinking lots of […]

I could be depressed, but yesterday I…

As I imagine it, people are bored of me (and others) all bitching about the same thing pretty much continuously for the last few weeks: the lack of summer this summer here in Berlin

So when yesterday’s forecast had a big ball of flame on it, and it didn’t turn into clouds, I got excited […]

Gotta Adjust Myself

I have to admit that fall has really snuck up on me – not temperature wise, but light wise.

The temperatures really dropped in August and I’ll readily admit to having worn sweaters and long-sleeved shirts in August and September in order to keep warm. I managed to hold off turning on the heat until […]

Friday Evening in Berlin

As seen from between the S-Warschauer and U-Warschauer Bhf

Antalya at Evening