June 2024


Vacation Review

My chariot to Lisbon – A TAP Portugal A319, Flight TP 537. Over an hour and a half late.

Before my trip to Lisbon, a few friends asked me to take notes because they are (or are thinking about) going to Lisbon. Unfortunately for them, my plan was to go to the beach and […]

What a Labor Day!

This week is great: It started, of course, Monday – I was one of but a few people at the office – and public transport was, essentially, empty. I couldn’t have imagined a better day of work – I actually got work done and had an enjoyable lunch with one of my colleagues.

Since Tuesday […]

I could be depressed, but yesterday I…

As I imagine it, people are bored of me (and others) all bitching about the same thing pretty much continuously for the last few weeks: the lack of summer this summer here in Berlin

So when yesterday’s forecast had a big ball of flame on it, and it didn’t turn into clouds, I got excited […]

Where the sun don’t shine…

Sorry about my absence the past couple of days.

Yesterday was one of Portugal’s three annual Independence Days and I opted to show my solidarity with the Portuguese People by joining in the massive traffic-jam crossing the 25th of April Bridge, the massive traffic jam on the IC-20, the massive traffic jam on road that […]

I’m almost blond!

Three afternoons on the beach wearing sunscreen has meant that I’ve avoided getting burned, but my hair is a different story.

I noticed after getting back from the beach this afternoon that it’s noticeably lighter in color—a far lighter brown than I normally see when I look in the mirror. At the rate I’m going […]

Driving to the Beach!

I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon at the beach, and I’m happy to report that my 17,20€ sunscreen worked well: no sunburn to report today.

The beach is about 25 kilometers from my hotel and I am fortunate that my friend here is willing to loan me his car, so it’s just a matter […]

The Good Life

When I was a kid, many summers I went with my father from Denver, across the country to New York

These trips were by car: Up Interstate 76 to Nebraska, where we joined I-80 going east through Lincoln, Omaha, Des Moines, the southern edge of Chicago, across northern Indiana and Ohio until Cleveland where we […]

The New Adam

A new Adam coming to this world. Slowly but surely the new Adam is emerging.

It’s all because of last week, in Lisbon, when I was overexposed. As I noted before, I burned. Really, really burned—and now, I am molting.

I hoping the process goes relatively quickly—it’s been, so far, a small price to pay […]

Happy Weekend!

Skin burning hot, yet I am chilled.

The sheets were a thousand dagger points, pushing against my skin.

Sunburn sucks, but it was worth it.

Probably no more blogging until Monday evening: I must change hotels and I am fairly certain my next hotel does not have net access.

Bag Check

Monday, when I wing my way back to Leipzig, I will have to check my bag.

I have no option because I spent 9,80€ on the bottle of Disoderme Gel, as seen to the right. It’s 150ml and for me, at least for now, it is essential.

I overexposed myself.

And I mean that in […]