July 2024


Car Wash, Baby

One of the highlights of our trip to South Africa was the car wash.

Yeah, that’s right, the car wash.

After CQ and I drove from Swaziland to South Africa along that dirt road, we realized that our white pale red car was in dire need of a car wash. It was a shadow of […]

Grass Sweet Hut

As it was dark when we arrived, CQ and I had no idea what the area looked like until we woke up in the morning.

For me, that first glimpse came at 06:30 or so when I emerged from the hut and looked around. We’d walked across a grassy field after dinner and I had […]

Country 26.

Swaziland was quite the adventure for CQ and me. After landing on time at the Jo’burg airport, we got our rental car and started heading away from Swaziland—so we lost about 20 minutes there; once oriented we headed the correct direction, stopping in Witbank at a brand spanking new mall where we parked by the […]

Swaziland Lodging Choices

Here is choice number one:

Tall indigenous trees, all grown from seed, now tower over the camp overlooking an artificially created wetland system, which is home to hippopotamus, crocodile and a variety of water birds including infrequent visiting fish eagles. The camp is unfenced, yet relatively safe as only smaller species of wildlife occur in […]

Random Tidbits

1) I need to thank Sebastian profusely for his comment on T-Com. Telling me how to switch Voicemail into English, as well as the helpful “36” command that will immediately stop 75% of the calls—voicemail calls that told me somebody called but did not leave a message.

2) I have a sleek new fridge—it was […]

To Swaziland… or not?

Travel planning with the Cynical Queer is underway, and I’m pleased to say that several years of diligent clicking through emails has led to a US$230 hotel room coming to me for free whilst in the Johannesburg area.


We’re still deciding whether or not we’re going to visit Swaziland, that tiny African nation sandwiched […]