May 2024


Visiting Kåsehuvud & Sweden

Last weekend, while in Sweden, my hosts took me on a driving tour of Sweden.

Honestly, I hadn’t really prepared for my trip to Sweden—no studying of attractions in southern Sweden, no reading up on Lund, and no stereotypes of Sweden.

So everything was a surprise – and it occurred to me, far too late […]

I am not nuts.

So after getting 75% of the way through assembling my new Ikea bed last night, I realized that I misplaced the metal piece that goes from the headboard to the foot.

It’s right there in step 9: Take the metal bar, pull on it to extend it to the proper length, then put it in […]

Latten… whaaa?

Yesterday I made my second trip to Ikea, and just like the first, I lost track of time.

I headed there with a colleague who walked me through the process of buying a bed in Germany, something which is surprisingly different from America.

The last time I bought a bed in America, I went to […]

Lessons Learned

I am in Germany, back from Beach City, Turkey, where it was boiling hot, until about four hours before I left. Doh!

Make no mistake: the wedding was fantastic. I have no complaints about the wedding. It was a beautiful affair with the mayor administering the rites quickly after the starters and before the main […]

I’ve got a Bug

Well, a Volkswagon Convertible Bug, that is.

Because today’s wedding is in a public-transport inaccessible spot (particularly in the evenings), I’ve rented a car for the weekend. I was supposed to get a BMW 1er class car, but because the car I was assigned was not at the car rental agency, I got a VW […]