May 2024


Whatchamacallit 172: Impolite, Arrogant Women Make History

Last year, Elizabeth Warren was one of the presidential candidates I supported early on. Clearly, I am somewhat disappointed that she did not do better in the primaries. However, I am going to vote for Joe Biden, enthusiastically.

Is he my dream candidate? No.

Do I agree with everything he says or does? No.


Random Tuesday Today Thoughts

I know that Snooker in Berlin participates in the weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts—and to be different, I’m doing it on Wednesday—but only because I have a crap load of thoughts to get out. I could try and break down the thoughts into more complete individual blog posts, but none of these thoughts really deserve that […]

Rough Week for… Clothing

It’s been a memorable week for my clothing. It started Thursday when I showed up at the office wearing a black undershirt with a crimson-red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. No big deal, except that a few hours later one of my colleagues showed up wearing an identical set of clothing.

That wasn’t […]

Success… Mostly.


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The party last night was mostly a success—There were no disasters—the beer was cold, the food tasted good, and the apartment was sufficiently clean.

I’ve spent today cleaning the flat: washing dishes, hunting for missing glasses, putting stuff where it belongs, and otherwise straightening up. Everything is perfect, […]

Self Censorship

So I’m in Evansville, Indiana, having stopped in Odon to eat at the Odon Essen Haus-excellent Amish lunch buffet for $5.50, drink included.

My friend’s new house is fantastic, although clearly it is still a work in progress-walls need painting, floors need redoing, and stuff needs to be moved. They have made fantastic progress though, […]