May 2024


Photo Friday: Loud

A moment of Zen in on a loud dance floor.

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Truth is a funny thing.

What is truth shifts from person to person based on experience. It shifts based on the mores of society.

I’ve been thinking about this of late in part due to my upcoming trip to Armenia, one of the places that was not just locked behind the Iron Curtain, but also […]

Finnish Breakfast

In January I was informed by my TC (Traveling Companion) for the trip to Tallinn and Helsinki that she had already special ordered her favorite Finnish Breakfast. In fact, it was January 20th at 8:12pm that she informed me that I would be having rice bread for breakfast when in Finland.

Because this was so […]

Tallinn and Helsinki Photos

So, here they are! Selected photos from my recent voyage to Tallinn, Estonia, and Helsinki, Finland. Remember to click on the images to get bigger versions!

This is the DJ at Club Hollywood, where we went the night we arrived. It was Lady’s Night, the floor was sticky, and women in Estonia do ritual dances […]

Memo to Self: Gay Bars

Just because you doubt you’ll have time to hit gay bars doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go armed with information.

Tallinn would have been much more fun on Saturday night had I known I was only a block away from Angel and x-baar. I was out alone since my travelling companion was feeling tired and a […]

Ferry Rides

The ferry ride between Helsinki and Tallinn takes about 3 hours–which leaves one three hours to buy duty free booze, duty free chocolate, duty free purfume, or… kill time.

On our way back to Tallinn we killed time in one of the onboard bar/clubs where we watched Karaoke in Finnish. I didn’t understand a single […]

Tallinn and Helsinki Update

Quick update from the road: Tallinn is an incredibly beautiful city and I adore it. Lots of pretty churches, beautiful buildings, and nice plazas. It is also cold and snowy–but that is probably more related to the February date than anything else.

We took the 16:00 ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, operated by Tallink–it was […]

Tallinn, Helsinki

I’m off to Tallinn and Helsinki, back here late Sunday night.

In Tallinn, we’re staying at the Saku Rock Hotel – a B&B – Bed and Beer, that is.

It promises to be an interesting hotel. On the web site they explicitly state:

No long pricelists. No variable pricing. No seasonal differencies. It’s clear stuff […]