July 2024


The Importance of Walking Out

Every once in awhile I have an experience that reminds me the importance of walking out of a business – or a taxi.

Back in 2007, I took a taxi from Brussels Airport to a hotel – and when the taxi driver had trouble with his meter, I ordered him to stop the taxi at […]

A Great Mexican Fiesta – in Berlin!

Guacamole and Chips at Tacos de Mexico

So, as I noted in my last post, last Saturday night I had dinner plans – plans involving a long-time reader, 50€, and margaritas!

The 50€ was from the fact that I performed a minor favor for a friend – a tip, as it were, and had […]

Berlin’s taxi drivers are awesome.

Last night, on my way back from a Berlinale film, I missed the U2 at Alexanderplatz by 30 seconds.

Faced with a 15-minute wait for the next train, I made the rational decision that I could afford a taxi, and so I went to find one.

I will readily admit that I had not examined […]

Weimar’s Worst Taxi Driver

I’ve ridden in taxis in a lot of countries—and while I’ve been financially ripped off in Lisbon, I’ve never had a taxi driver who has nearly ended up in an accident.

It’s actually true for everywhere else I’ve ridden taxis: Germany, United States, London, Budapest, and beyond. Usually the most that happens to me is […]

Efficient Weekend

Despite the fact that I am not going to be physically leaving town for something like 48 hours, I am ready.

Twenty-four hours ago, I was still in a state of panic.

Since returning from Rotterdam, it’s been a busy week. Wednesday afternoon I discovered somebody I needed to talk to was in town—thus saving […]

Paranoid Park

Let’s just say, my trip from Portland to Brussels was great, until I got to Brussels, and then things went downhill rapidly—from the instant the plane parked.

After having put a temporary fix on the problem, I took a nap and woke up feeling somewhat refreshed and in need of entertainment. I grabbed Brussels’ tri-lingual […]

Chasing My New York Celebrities

It’s hard for those who have not visited The City to understand, but clearly New York becomes something special for those who have visited it.

I have to admit, though, that I get annoyed with all the touristy things and, often, have atypical wants and wishes for my time in the big city. Today, for […]

Blow Job

With winds up to 200 kilometers an hour (120 mph), Kyrill delivered a massive blow job to Germany—pushing all the air pollution to Russia whilst leaving a number of trees lying in its wake and Deutsche Bahn with idle trains.

Including, I might add the trains from Jena to Weimar.

That did stop me from […]

Home. Late.

I didn’t get home today until just before 11.

It had been a late night at the office because we watched a movie and because I was working on my huge project—which I am happy to say is closer to being done than it was this morning. I want to have it finished tomorrow, although […]

Trip Report

Unless you are a real sucker for boring reading, skip this post.