February 2024


What the hell is going on in America? A Rant.

Although I’m an American, and although I actually pay taxes in the United States, I’ve tried to avoid immersing myself too far into the details of the current debacle in the United States.

Honestly, I’ve been focusing a lot of my non-work brain time on other issues so my exposure to the problem has been […]

I don’t get it.

After six years of living abroad, I seem to be out of touch with America.

I can’t figure out what Obama’s done wrong. As far as I can tell he’s expanded health care, prevented the economy from completely tanking, and started the process of unwinding all the bad things that were caused by George W. […]

Branding too far!

Billy Boy… tea? But it's a condom company!

Spotted at a nearby gas station convience store.

Unusual Hobby: Tea Labels


It’s always amazing to me the unusual and cool hobbies that people out there have.

I learned about a new one this past week when Marina wrote to me as a result of the picture I took of my new shoes with tea. Virtually all of the photos that I use on my […]

Freezing Cold…

When I woke up this morning, it was -11°C.

Such cold weather tends to make me feel like hibernating, but I managed to force myself out today. I headed to the city center to buy a new thermos for holding tea—my old tea thermos died a most peculiar death a couple nights ago.

I’d made […]

Shoes With Tea

I picked the pair of shoes below whilst in England—a brand I’d never heard of, El Natura Lista.

The shoes were cute, although I had to go up a half US size in order to get the width I needed. One of my foots is wider than the other, and the other is slightly longer […]