March 2023


All about the little differences*

I knew long in advance that the first quarter of 2011 was going to be a busy one for me – and it was. I started to surface at the end of March, and now, now that May is beginning, I am starting to take a long view of things.

For the moment, my time […]

Celebrating being a Square: Last Friday in Evansville

So last Friday I was in Evansville, Indiana, visiting my friend, Disenchanted, while celebrating being a square—something I will be for a year before a 13-year pause before my next square experience.

This was also the day that I gave a guest lecture in her class over one of my favorite topics, Project Wagon Wheel […]

Teachable Moment

In my educational career I’ve taken several seminar and classes on how to teach.

Personally I never had any doubt about my abilities to teach, but I can remember in many of these seminars that graduate students, both new and old, would ask questions that indicated that the thing they feared most was the prospect […]

The Bloomington Office

The Weimar Office, as I’ve told my barista friend, Chicago Anki, is the world’s second best coffee shop (and not in the Dutch meaning).

The best coffee shop in the world is in Bloomington, Indiana. It’s name is “soma,” and it is at the corner of Kirkwood and Grant, just downstairs from the Laughing Planet.


from the Inbox

This morning I woke up to the following email:

I need to take K 300 next semester and I was talking to a couple of my friends who recommended you highly to me. I was not sure, however, if you were teaching a class in the spring. If so, please let me know, and I […]