January 2023


Random Tidbits

1) I need to thank Sebastian profusely for his comment on T-Com. Telling me how to switch Voicemail into English, as well as the helpful “36” command that will immediately stop 75% of the calls—voicemail calls that told me somebody called but did not leave a message.

2) I have a sleek new fridge—it was […]


The telephone in my flat is as far away from my bed as possible, whilst still being in the same apartment.

At first glance, one might think that this is a bad thing—I am, after all, usually the only person living in my flat, so one would think it would be an awfully convenient thing […]


Metro Spijkenisse

Uploaded by everybody….

Here’s a run down of a few Rotterdam based things this week:

I got yelled at while waiting on the RET Metro last night—my offense? Preparing to take a photograph. A “security guard” asked me if I was doing so, and in the same breath told me it […]

New Handy!

My mobile phone has been causing me a great deal of heart-ache of late, so I finally got around to buying a new mobile.

I’d tried to do so in America, and went to a T-Mobile dealer at the mall in Bloomington and asked what I thought was a pretty simple question: “What do you […]


I quit using Cingular at least two years ago, maybe three–so it came to my great surprise to get the following email–not once, but twice, so far. It appears to be legit… e.g. there are no links in the email that suggest phising for information.

Any suggestions?

Somebody want to bitch at Cingular for me?


Telephone Books

Since I forgot to mention it anywhere on the blog, I’m not in Trier this weekend. My contact there is ill and rather than spend time with somebody who would rather be in bed, I stayed in Weimar.

I leave in the morning for Rotterdam.

I’ve had a fairly busy day today, commencing with a […]

SIMulating Discussion

I noticed that CQ asked in my blog if my German SIM card would work in the UK, essentially asking, “Why the hell did you get yet another phone number you dork?”

Answer: I’m probably going to visit the United Kingdom more than once during the next year, and using my German SIM card whilst […]