May 2024



It was as we were leaving the Lesbian Duo “Mosh Mosh” concert that my friend said, “I don’t know where I am.” Helpfully, one of the cute young men standing outside the bar/concert venue told him he was in Weimar.

It was really an excellent evening—We’d started at the Barking Dogs United: Size Matterz gallery […]

Random Things

Our office cafeteria lady distributed new cards promoting her catering business. The cards were written in German and presumably proofread by Germans, but like any good promotional material, there is English on the card emphasizing certain points. Unfortunately, the third bullet point was labeled “slowfat,” thus evoking bizarre mental imagery. Presumably she meant “low fat,” […]

60 Minutes… And More

Residenz Cafe

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I made a small pledge to myself today and now I must try and fulfill it.

I’ve gained weight of late and I’ve decided, starting today, that I will spend at least 60 minutes taking a walk every day—beyond my current walks to and from nearby train […]

On the Upswing

I knew I was getting better when upon waking up this morning, my first urge was to do the laundry.

In fact, I have finished three loads and am now washing the fourth-which contain, most importantly of all, my sheets-meaning that I will not be reinfecting myself when I go to bed tonight.

Actually I […]

Winter Sports

I wish I had a sled.

I went out today, mainly because after having spend yesterday at home doing 5 loads of laundry and running the dishwasher, I was in desperate need of fresh air.

Fresh cold air, I might add.

Weimar is in the middle of a month-long stretch of nothing but cold and […]

Cafe Latte

Yesterday I didn’t go to the office because the friendly folks at the water company wanted to come and read my meters — and typical of German efficiency, they told me what time they were coming rather than asking me what time might actually be best for me.

Since going to the office wasn’t a […]

Fist (Faust) Collection

I must apologize for having neglected my blog for the past few days-After getting back from Stuttgart I have been, well.. tired. I’ve gone home from work and either taken a nap (and ignored the doorbell), or in the case of yesterday, went to the Rez and hung out reading for a couple hours.

I’ve […]

My First Bike Ride

Today I went down into the cellar and hauled out a bicycle, which I then rode for a few hours. I started by heading to North Weimar to the site of a supposedly gay disco.. JC Nordlicht. I’d say more about the disco, but I don’t really know what to say about the exterior of […]