July 2024


Ding Dong! Mission Accomplished

Tonight – well, last night, I accomplished my Raison d’être for this London vacation.

I saw Book of Mormon.

Yeah, sure, I saw it last year.

Yeah, sure, last year I woke up to the lyrics running through my head for two months.

Yeah, sure, I’m a bit crazy.

But it was worth it – […]

my name was Liam – Our Broken Voice / subtlemob in Berlin

Scene of the performance.

Saturday evening I participated in a 30-minute theatre event in Berlin, where my name was Liam.

“Our Broken Voice” was a project where participants registered and then downloaded a 30-minute mp3 based on their gender and on their birthdate, creating four characters who would then converge on a public space […]

It’s a Culture Kind of Month.

After finishing work in Bloomington I headed north to Indianapolis—not that I like Indianapolis at all, but I needed am “Adam-Time” away from it all. I ended up spending my Friday afternoon looking for something in Indy, and not finding it – the biggest problem with Indianapolis is that there is no there there, and […]

Le Nozze di Figaro

I know that I’ve promised a post about what I did last Thursday and I’m please to report that I’m a lot happier with the second draft.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to finish revising it (some parts need to go) and uploading the related pictures to Flickr.

PsudeoWife, her real husband, and one […]


So I will soon be in The City—and when I am not working, I want to take full advantage of everything The City has to offer—including Spamalot on Sunday night.

It was in this mix that I took a few minutes to see if I could figure out if I could rush RENT and get […]

My Queer Weekend

I left Weimar this weekend for a number of reasons—the specific ones are not especially important. As you might recall, my original plan was to go used underwear shopping in Berlin, but ended up going to Frankfurt, Trier, and (as I write this, enroute to) Antwerp.

Suffice it to say, Frankfurt continues to disappoint. I […]

Shifting Plans

As you may recall, next weekend I planned to be in Berlin, buying (used) underwear.

Well, my plans have changed.

The apartment where I was planning to spend three nights was double booked for first night, and although the owner offered to put me up in a hotel for that night, the idea of having […]

Mormon Flicks

While visiting Nome in Vancouver, I realized that three movies I like all relate the Mormon experience with sexuality. At the time I jotted down the name of the three movies for Nome and promptly forgot about the list.

However it crossed my mind again and I thought I would list the three Mormon flicks, […]

Internet Purpose

MT asked me to post this to my blog. Thanks to Rex for sharing!


Ok, so I’m writing this onboard the InterCity Express from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Weimar Monday morning—a few days before I thought that I would be returning to home.

It seems that my usual trip detail anality has not been accurate enough. I need to learn to read calendars and itineraries more carefully before approving anything.