April 2024


Adios Denver

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

It’s been a great week in Denver.

Unfortunately in less than 24 hours I will be winging my way east toward Old Europe, leaving behind my family for the land of good bread.

Whilst in Denver, not only did I buy five pair of blue jeans, I also picked […]

Embarrassing Bullying Bush’s America

I adore This American Life, and this week’s episode is excellent, mainly because it helps bring into focus how embarrassing and nasty America has become under W.

The Audacity of Government is well worth the hour.

Bank Paranoia

One of the great features of the Internet Age is online banking—only its getting more complicated and less convenient than ever, especially with my bank here in Germany.

And it’s doubly complicated, all at once.

First my bank decided that my credit card had been hacked and, without warning, decided it could not be used […]

Boise’s Sleazy Scott Picken

I’m a big fan of This American Life.

As an expatriate it has helped me stay in touch with my American roots—often with uplifting and cheerful stories that get at the heart of American culture. I defy anybody who listens to Sarah Vowell’s discussion about Thanksgiving specials on television and not feel both enlightened and […]

Sunday’s First Entry

Today my friends David and Dennis load a truck and head West-to Denver. Yee-haw! I’m going to help them pack the truck later. I originally thought this was going to happen around 1, but apparently it’s been delayed until at least 3:30.

I don’t really care when I pack the truck-I managed to listen to […]