May 2024


Whatchamacallit 60: Wartburg etching.

I acquired this little etching (it is 10 x 10cm; 4×4 inches) shortly after moving to Germany in 2004. Oddly, I did not blog about my trip to the Wartburg.

This was acquired after I realized that I wanted to buy pictures representing the places that I was visiting but before I realized that […]

I need to slow down.

Geesh, I have not had a lot of time to blog lately.

What have I been up to?

Thüringen Bratwurst

I spent a weekend down in Thüringen, one night each in Jena, Weimar, and Erfurt – it was a weekend of visiting many friends and three kids. Unfortunately I only saw two kids because […]

Sure Randy drinks the *local* Thüringen Waldquell water, but…

After a couple weeks of not remembering when I had my camera with me, I finally had my camera with me when I took a good look at the billboard below:

This is a billboard for water that comes from my (current) home state of Thüringen:

Who has the best climate protection […]

Sie wählen die heißesten Feuerwehrmänner Thüringens!

I’ve voted for Thüringen’s hottest firemen. Three of them, actually. Here were my choices:

I really think Stephan, 22, of Gera is cute. Yeah, he's sticking his tongue out, but that's fine given the context as he's holding a cute baby!

This falls into the […]

Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

One of my colleagues taking a quick spin through my vacation photos on the old blog noticed the “Fired Up” photos of Colorado’s firemen and told me about the Antenne Thüringen contest to find Thüringen’s hottest fireman; sponsored by Original Greußener Salami.

It turns out that while I might intentionally set fire to my home […]

Local News Reports

Pärchen begeht sieben Straftaten an einem Tag

Eisenberg. (ddp/tlz) Gleich sieben Straftaten hat am Montagabend ein polizeibekanntes Pärchen in Eisenberg im Saale-Holzland-Kreis begangen. Wie die Polizei am Dienstag mitteilte, werden einem 31-Jährigen und seiner 23-jährigen Freundin unter anderem Körperverletzung, Beleidigung, Bedrohung, Notrufmissbrauch und Widerstandshandlungen gegen Polizeibeamte vorgeworfen. Die beiden erheblich alkoholisierten Täter mussten auch zum […]

Thüringen Wahl

He wants you to vote CDU.

Local elections are coming up in Thüringen and serious campaigning has begun.

There are at least two strange things about the election.

First, and through no fault of the people who picked the dates, the election is June 7th, a mere two days after Obama visits. I suspect […]

Gay Thüringen Guide

This was last updated 14 September 2008

This page is no longer updated. The author is no longer living in Thüringen.

It’s suddenly come to my attention that the Gay Thüringen website closed down.

And in the spirit of speedy discovery and announcements, it “died” August 27, 2007; I noticed February […]

German News

It’s been awhile since I’ve really talked about anything here in Germany, so I thought that perhaps it was time to do a review of recent news and events here in Deutschland.

First up, is the weather. It’s been cold and rainy all weekend long. Unpleasantly so. I had a fantasy of heading outside this […]