March 2024



It’s that time of year, again.

Today the sun rose at 05:04 and set at 21:23.

But, as you know, these are strict definitions sunrise and sunset. In reality, at 22:00, there is still quite a bit of light out, and the sun makes itself known long before the official rising moment—when I left the […]

Indiana Daylight Time

As most of you know, I moved to Germany from Indiana. While living in Indiana, I was subject to the stupidity that was Indiana Time: It did not engage in Daylight Savings Time, something in common with only Arizona, among the contiguous 48 states.

Living without Daylight Savings Time (to Germans: Summer Time) was living […]

Thinking Globally

Yesterday iTunes informed me that I needed to upgrade my software as fast as possible—being a bad person, I waited a day before installing the software.

The principle change appears to be the addition of Internet radio stations—so while surfing the web today, I decided to listen to one of the many trance options, Fusion […]

I’m hot… again!

Today was a relatively dull day, but tonight, I went out. First I headed back to dè Kameleon, where Patrick gave me the traditional Dutch 3 kisses, and I had four beers. Just before midnight I headed down to the Gay Palace—a wise decision, because had I arrived just 5 minutes later, entry would have […]


Metro Spijkenisse

Uploaded by everybody….

Here’s a run down of a few Rotterdam based things this week:

I got yelled at while waiting on the RET Metro last night—my offense? Preparing to take a photograph. A “security guard” asked me if I was doing so, and in the same breath told me it […]

Hell Frozen?!

I can’t believe it… Indiana will have daylight savings time starting next year!

Indiana is joining the modern world!


Now to hope for the Eastern Time Zone.

Happy Halloween

A few notes: Germany has switched its clocks back, which means that- well, nothing, we are still the same relative time apart except for Indiana and Arizona. In those states, I’m one hour closer-except in Evansville and Gary. This gets too complicated.

I had a horrid headache today. I also learned that my neighbors- living […]


I learned a quick and simple lesson at German class today. Unfortunately it is the second or third time I have failed to learn my lesson, so I could only be considered a fool.

The principle is KISS-or, as you all know, Keep It Simple Stupid.

I fail to do this. We were supposed to […]

Time Difference

FYI, Germany is currently +7 hours from Hoosier Standard Time. In the winter that will change to +6, except in Evansville, which of course is on Central Adjusting-Like-It-Should Time.