May 2024


Eclipse: One heavenly body in front of another…

Last Monday, like many other people, I found myself in the path of totality – in my case, Glendo, Wyoming.

Glendo, population 200, is the first real city (ha!) one encounters driving north along I-25 from Cheyenne that was in totality. Thus, this is where we, and 20,000 of our closest friends got off […]

A Few Thoughts About Anchorage…

I’ve been a bad blogger. Sorry.

But now a few words about Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, and where I started my adventures in my fiftieth State. I had two stays in the city – three nights, then my trip to Barrow, followed by another two nights in Anchorage.

Anchorage as seen from my 22nd […]

Doing the Berlin Stadtrundfahrt Again: This time as if I were blind.

One of the constants around my office are the groups of people going on walking tours of Berlin – wandering from Brandenburger Tor, through the Holocaust Memorial, past Hitler’s Bunker, and to a number of other historic sites in the area.

Occasionally, when I have a guest in town, I find myself in the tour […]

Sunday (Paoli, Marengo Cave, Ohio River, and Gus Grissom) in Pictures

French Toast at Wee Willie's on S. Walnut in Bloomington. This is one of my favorite breakfasts in the world and every time I come to Bloomington I make a point of eating this. The restaurant is a local's joint.

I passed through Paoli, Indiana, which had a huge fire last November. The […]

A Wasted Afternoon (but not for me): Christiania

So here’s my secret destination: I’m in Køpenhaven for a couple of nights. I picked Copenhagen for a weekend getaway because just over the border is one of my former Jena/Weimar colleagues and the actual intent of my trip is to visit her in Sweden.

Instead of going directly to visit her, I decided to […]

I went to Frankfurt today!

Look! I'm in Frankfurt!

The Lichtspieltheater der Jugend looks abandoned.

Is it real or is it Memorex?

Graffiti: Art is Crime

I think she needs a new gown.


It’s small.

via Stranger Slog; and no, I still won’t visit. (sizedoesntmatter.ca)


The Tour Starts Here!

I really like Canada.

It’s easy to see why people want to live here—heck, I could see myself living in Canada.

Friday I took advantage of the free tour of downtown Toronto offered by the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement District. I forget the name of my tour guide, but she […]


Eat an Amerikaner Cookie with Obama!

It’s still not clear whether or not President Obama will be visiting Weimar or not. I’m not privy to any insider information, but it’s my impression that the president will visit Buchenwald and then leave the area–which would be a shame. Not only would I not be able […]

New Dutch Stuff

The Netherlands was my first European country.

It is also the country that I’ve visited the most, other than Germany, where I am living. Most of my trips follow a predictable pattern: I stay in Rotterdam, travel over to Dordrecht, dance at the Gay Palace, and eat at the same places. There are minor variations, […]