June 2024


Don’t Be Stupid Fucking Tourists

I actually uttered this words on a bus earlier this year.

I was somewhere random and needed to go somewhere else random and, like magic, there happened to be a bus that connected the two points. You might think that this is a one off, but the professionals at BVG, the Berlin Public Transit Group, […]

Roman Around… Rome

A couple weekends ago, I escaped Berlin to Rome – my first visit to Italy and, naturally, my first visit to the Vatican City.

It was a short, four-night trip, with a lot of activities crammed in. Perhaps too many activities, but ultimately I think that I saw everything that one stereotypically goes to Rome […]

Ask Adam: Awesome Answers Assured.

Today was an odd day.

This past fall I bought myself a Jack Wolfskin jacket, thus completing a critical step in the process of becoming fully assimilated into Things German®. When I wear it, I become virtually indistinguishable from the thousands of Germans who wear their jackets every single day.

It’s a nice jacket, perfect […]

Doing the Berlin Stadtrundfahrt Again: This time as if I were blind.

One of the constants around my office are the groups of people going on walking tours of Berlin – wandering from Brandenburger Tor, through the Holocaust Memorial, past Hitler’s Bunker, and to a number of other historic sites in the area.

Occasionally, when I have a guest in town, I find myself in the tour […]

Sunday (Paoli, Marengo Cave, Ohio River, and Gus Grissom) in Pictures

French Toast at Wee Willie's on S. Walnut in Bloomington. This is one of my favorite breakfasts in the world and every time I come to Bloomington I make a point of eating this. The restaurant is a local's joint.

I passed through Paoli, Indiana, which had a huge fire last November. The […]

Toronto, Mike, and Me

Red's better than blue, right?

So while I could have spent the weekend with Mits, instead I spent it with Mike.

I probably can’t get away without explaining that comment—but suffice it to say that a cute guy introduced himself and because of my mindset about something I was more than obtuse for a […]

Off the beaten path: Weimar

There’s no doubt about it, Weimar is one heck of a tourist trap, especially for the Germans and the Germanphiles of the world. It’s the spiritual home of both Goethe and Schiller, as well as the European Capital of Culture (1999). For the Americans, it’s home of Buchenwald, a Nazi concentration camp described by Edward […]

Eating in Weimar

Every time I walk through the center of Weimar I have the pleasure of watching tourists pose in front of the Goethe and Schiller statue. They pose, snap some pictures, and then move on to many of the other exciting treasures of my UNESCO World Heritage Home.

For those that stay through dinner, I’d like […]


In the category of geeky places I’ve visited, I added one of the more obscure ones to my list yesterday.

It started with a childhood visit to the Four Corners—a truly man-made and obscure political point where four US states meet: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It’s the only place in the States where […]

A Colorado Kind of Evening

I could write a lot about the Whiney Ex-Pat Blogger Meet-Up in Dresden, but I figure that there were ten bloggers running around in a pack, and since we’re all writers, it’s going to be covered in a variety of ways over the next week.

Obviously, with an introduction like that, this will not really […]