July 2024


Whatchamacallit 119: Maps, Maps, Maps (to be deaccessioned)

While most people cleaned their homes during the first few weeks of lockdown, I was slammed, workwise – so I maintained my new normal without much boredom:

0515 or 0530: Alarm, get dressed. Thereafter, a walk of at least 10,000 steps, taking at least 90 minutes. Shower Breakfast Work for six hours Nap Entertainment […]

Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

The state of Indiana has special license plates that serve identify the select special few, the Christian-Patriotic-Flag wavers who are otherwise under-represented in the state.

The plate, free to those who profess belief, are easily recognizable because they have a stars and stripes motif with large text proclaiming, “In God We Trust.”

Now I’m not […]

Moral Dilemma | Moralisches Dilemma: What Would You Do?

So Thursday morning, about 8:45, I was on my way to Café Laden, stopping first at my bank to get money out, when I passed a school here in Weimar. I had my ear-buds in and was listening to the CBC World News at 6 (9pm Eastern Time edition) podcast.

After crossing Sophiensiftsplatz, from the […]

Fall Cleaning

Right now my dining room table has piles of stuff on it.

It’s the two books I am bringing to read whilst in Wyoming, the papers indicating where I am staying, how and where I am travelling, and more, plus 28 bars of Ritter Sport chocolate for people I meet along the way.

Any leftover […]


There’s so much I could be talking about, but I figure that the political junkies have more legitimate sources for their fix. Instead I am going to talk about littering.

It came up after I saw an article on USAToday (via Obscure Store) talking about litter. It seems that concern about litter in the states […]