April 2024


Boston’s Freedom Trail: Simultaneously Genius and Frustrating

I was recently in Boston as part of a trip to New England – this was an opportunity to, first, strengthen my case for having visited Massachusetts (It’s no longer the state that I have spent the least amount of time in; that is now Arkansas) and, second, to walk the Freedom Trail.

The […]

Shetland Islands – Unst

Welcome to Unst

Now that I’ve left the Shetland Islands, I have better Internet access, although, honestly, it was fine at our first port-of-call, Baltasound. I was just too busy to take the time to write anything – other than postcards.

Baltasound is a community on the island of Unst, the northern most occupied […]

Quick London Summary

I haven’t really talked much about London because I’ve been too busy proofreading to get around to writing anything up. Today I finished Chapter 3—although it was a struggle since I was tired of it.

Anyhow, Lufthansa declined to let me board an earlier flight without paying a fee, so I was stuck on the […]


So I’m still not sure why I picked Cheb (Webcam of Main Square; +6 Hours from US Eastern Time, so that might explain why it’s dark!) in the Czech Republic as my destination this weekend, but I did. I suspect I chose Cheb precisely because it was in the Czech Republic and because going there […]

My trip, in brief.

Weimar-Erfurt on the train, bus to the airport. Check-in, boarding pass #13, wait. Ryanair to London, operated by Buzz! StanstedExpress to London Liverpool, Tube to Paddington, Walk to hotel. Bed.

Up early, HeathrowExpress, Terminal 3 for United, Flight 50 minutes late, wait. Meet Father, return to hotel, eat breakfast-breakfast room hot, food boring. Shower.

Specific […]