January 2023


Awesome Weekend

Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and there was a half-meter of snow on the ground, I would be sad, but I would have no cause for complaint because this weekend was wonderful.

The weather could not have been better and everything I did went swimmingly well and was excessively enjoyable.

Quite frankly, it was […]


Today I invited somebody from the States over to my apartment for an afternoon of fun—fixing the washing machine, cooking dinner, and watching television.

Step 1 was seemingly easy until the machine decided it wasn’t fixed. The hole in the leaky hose was fixed with a new hose—but then when I turned on the machine, […]

On My Way

I’m about to leave for Hannover–my first time in the city, save for a train connection (maybe two) in the past. After Hannover, I’ll be off to Rotterdam.

The new apartment is essentially unpacked, although I do have a few issues:

I learned Saturday morning that the lowest point of the building’s laundry room is […]

Silent Night

I have no net access at home and I’ve been feeling lazy—something about moving does that.

Suffice it to say, my furniture is in the new place and, as of this writing, I am about 80% unpacked. I have all my clothing to put away, and a lot of dishes to wash. I expect to […]

Eurovision 2009

I realize the contest isn’t until May 16th, but entries are starting to be finalized. Here are some thoughts about the upcoming contest.

United Kingdom: I suppose one must congratulate them on getting Andrew Lloyd Weber to write and compose the song. It will be extra painful when, like every year, it comes in one […]

Only if…

I wish my high school was really like the high school below–it would have been a whole lot more fun!

And no, I am not familiar with either TruTV or The Principal’s Office.


Angels with Filthy Souls

Now admittedly I haven’t had as much time to sit in front of the television and watch stuff as I had originally planned, but two things intervened.

First, I popped over to the UK for a friend’s going away party and secondly, I’ve been cat sitting.

Admittedly, I have been watching “Dead Like Me” whilst […]

Cat Sitting

So… Long Story Short: Friends of mine in Weimar are on a well earned vacation—and since I saved 400€ by going home for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, I’m engaging in a staycation of sort.

Except for the cats—I volunteered to cat-sit a few days, and the little ones have been keeping me on my toes. […]

Dinner for One

This is a traditional German favorite over the next week. I happened to see a German remake of it tonight…

Strange Times

This morning I was reflecting in the shower about the election—and I came up with a list of the four strangest people of this year and ranked them from awful to horrific.

Then I realized that all four people were women.

So it is with heavy heart that I ask my female readers to forgive […]