July 2024


Whatchamacallit 4: Northwest Airlines Mug

Growing up in Denver, Northwest Airlines as not an airline I noticed with any regularity. As a kid, the airlines that mattered were United, Continental, and Frontier – all three hubbing at Stapleton International Airport – of those three, only one exists – strangely all three are that one. (I’m talking about the original […]

Hopping West Across the Pacific

Leaving Honolulu meant leaving the 50 States – and since I chose United Airlines Flight 154 – I was going to get a whole lot of flying in that day.

Reboarding UA154 heading west from Majuro.

UA 154 is the westbound Island Hopper, going from Honolulu to Majuro to Kwajalein to Kosrae to […]

Where is Adam today? He’s in the USA – GUAM!

I visited the Statue of Liberty, what could be more American than that?

On my way out of the office, one of my colleagues asked me if I was heading to the States – and I said, “no.” – but then I changed my answer: “Yes, I am actually going to the United States […]

Today’s Geeky / Nerdy Achievement

Assuming my Monday has gone as planned, I will now have flown into or out of, every single United Airlines hub whilst flying an airplane that said United Airlines.

Today’s flights included Tokyo Narita and Guam — my last two airports. And historically, this includes Cleveland — which will soon no longer be a hub.


18:00 CET – In Motion

For six nights in a row this week, I will not be sleeping in the same bed twice – right now I’m half way through this travel marathon and I am looking forward to being at rest, somewhere.

Monday at 10:00 Mountain Standard Time I was in Denver, specifically at the airport, […]

18:00 CET: Where I wasn’t & Where I went…

I knew far in advance that Thursday at 18:00 CET that I would be in route to the States.

The scene itself? Not so exciting

This is what it looks like from seat 7C on a Continental 757-200. Immediately ahead of me: infinite leg-room, as row 7 is an exit row and, […]

I’m really happy with Continental Airlines (or United, if you must)

I’m back in Berlin – safe, sound, and impressed after flying Continental Airlines (being pedantic) (or United Airlines, if going by branding) for six segments. In fact, I was so impressed with the service on my flight from Newark to Indianapolis that I wrote a letter complimenting the flight attendant.

Now I’m considering writing a […]

Notes on Pond-Hopping and Subsequent Events

Yesterday’s post was written from the comfort of my own apartment in Berlin. This post is written, at least right now, at 36,000 feet, somewhere south of Reykjavik, Iceland. Funny enough I know somebody who is vacationing there, at least as I write this.

Checking in 24 hours in advance of the flight was well […]

Ummm… this could almost be me