July 2024


Lugar’s Response

Here is the response to my letter to Senator Lugar about S. 1023. Lugar, unlike Bayh, understood my concerns, even if we disagree.

Dear Mr. TQE:

Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns related to the revenue raising provisions in S. 1023, the Travel Promotion Act. I appreciate having the benefit […]

Bayh’s Response

Here is the response to my letter to Senator Bayh about S. 1023. I’m under the impression my letter was not read.

Dear Mr. TQE:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the fiscal condition of our country. I appreciate your thoughts and understand your concern on this important issue.

I am a longtime […]

S. 1023 is a bad idea.

Dear Senators Lugar and Bayh,

I am an American living in Weimar, Germany, and as my last residence was in Bloomington, Indiana, I am an Indiana voter.

As an American living in Germany I am acutely aware of how the United States is perceived by non-citizens. Actions by the US Congress that citizens resident in […]

(Non-) Response

Dear Mr. Lederer:

Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate your kind words of support regarding my service in the United States Senate. It is a tremendous honor to represent our state in the Senate, and I have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to serve.

I take my responsibilities as a Senator very seriously and […]

Dear Senator Lugar,

I am a constituent of yours who currently lives in Germany. Before moving out of the US, I lived and voted in Bloomington, Indiana. Therefore, although I now reside in Weimar, Germany, as a US citizen, I still vote in Indiana

Senator Lugar, you are, without a doubt, the finest US Senator I’ve ever had […]

Toilet Tourism

At the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport there’s a line out the door to see where Senator Craig sat down with his wide stance.

He Doth Protest Too Much

I have to say, not since Terri Schiavo have I had to explain Americans so much as I have had to since it was revealed that Larry Craig likes sex in toilets, specifically the one at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

Oddly though, for the most part, it’s a HeteroAmerican who has been asking me […]


Today has been a good day—albeit busy.

And yes, I am happy about the elections, but I remain concerned about the Senate. Presuming the last two seats go Democratic (and they should), I am afraid of that asshole named Joe Lieberman. Sure Lieberman has said he will vote with the Democrats, but when was the […]

Senator Santorum

Dan Savage has finally posted the Senator’s video. He’s offensive, as expected… and you may need to fix the URL in order to get the video to work. (Direct Video Link and Direct Letter Link)

Cheney Curses!

Per CNN.com: Cheney Cursed out Senator Leahy using the F-word! Naturally, the Vice President’s office has said only that there was a “frank exchange of views.”

Follow Up: Jesus’ General covered this same story!