May 2024


6,500 AMD (14,44€)

Last Saturday, my Armenian Host and I took a day trip from his home town of Vanadzor to Gyumri.

Our adventure cost us 6,500 Armenia Dram, which is the equivalent of 14,21€/19.27USD. Broken down, we paid 200 Dram to get from his flat to the city center; 1,000 Dram to take the bus from Vanadzor […]

Photo Friday: Anger

Anger at the past, expressed in a monument:

“To the victims of the political repression 1920-1991.”

Vanadzor, Lori, Armenia.

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Yes busaker em!

From start to finish, my trip across Armenia was filling.

Food-wise, that is. I cannot recall a trip where food was so consistently fantastic—I was stuffed from Kapan in the south to Vanadzor in the north. On my way from the airport to Kapan (which is 320 kilometers/200 miles from Yerevan; a 6 or 7 […]

Shat lav!

I am back in Weimar.

My trip from Vanadzor, Armenia, to here was, thankfully uneventful. I splurged on my trip back, spending 14,000 dram instead of 5,000, just so that I could stop by the Museum of Armenian Letters. For most Armenians, this price differential is huge, but since I am rarely in Armenia, splurging […]

Final Armenian Planning Update

So, I am leaving Weimar today, headed for Armenia and its beautiful scenery.

Naturally, I am packing—using a friend’s backpack since I’ve heard its not a wise idea to use a suitcase since the minibuses (aka minivans) that one takes from city to city does not have storage, so I might need to keep it […]