May 2024


Flashing back to Vancouver at Ostkreuz.

Yesterday I was out at the Ostkreuz train station – a part of Berlin that I rarely visit because it’s not really between home and work. It’s not actually a place worth avoiding, rather my commute and regular habits really do not involve heading that direction.

But I was out there to meet somebody. […]

Photo Friday: Silver

Engagement Rings are often made of silver.

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Trois questions

More Canada

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Since I asked Nome three questions, she reciprocated and it’s now time for me to answer.

1) Do you remember the first boy you had a crush on? How old were you, and what was he like? (Cuter than the water glass kid at the Sandbar, I […]

Gay Vancouver

Vancouver, without a doubt, exceeded my expectations.

I’d actually been a bit worried after reading their tourist guide because the offerings seemed a bit sparse, but in reality, the guide failed to capture the fact that Vancouver is a dynamic and alive city that appreciates diversity. While I was there I heard not just […]

Photo Friday: Common

Quite common in Canada.

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Yesterday Vancouver’s weather was fantastic–warm, not humid, and I hung out on the beach for awhile.

Now I’m in Bloomington and it’s hot and humid, even at 9pm.



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Both yesterday and today I had to work in the morning, finishing off something that I thought had been killed earlier. After finishing today’s work off, I headed off to meet Nome of The World According to Nome for lunch.

Nome is an incredibly lucky girl—she lives in […]


#10 Hastings

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So I lied. A couple of days ago I said I knew nothing about Vancouver before Jerry and John decided to move out here. In truth, I knew that 21 Jump Street was filmed here.

For those of you who’ve forgotten or are unaware for whatever reason, […]

PC Canada

The Buck & Ear

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So Saturday Jerry, John, and I went to the south-west corner of Richmond, British Columbia, to visit the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. Richmond is the suburb directly south of Vancouver, and taking public transportation from downtown out there took almost an hour […]

Dan Savage Is Right

Only in Canada

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Until my friends Jerry and John upped and decided to immigrate to Canada and move to Vancouver, I’d never really thought about Vancouver that much: it’s a city. It’s located in British Columbia, and… well, that’s where my knowledge stopped.

I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered […]