May 2024


Stateside in November…

After Cape Town, I headed north and west – flying from Johannesburg to Washington Dulles. Non-stop it is 8,134 miles; one-stop (without getting off the plane) in Accra makes it a mere 59 miles further – but the trip takes a very long time.

Perhaps the only building at Virginia Tech that is made […]

48: 10 Southern States

As you read this, I’m enjoying my day of jetlag – waking obscenely early (for the USA), and generally being dead to the world for a day. I’ll be better tomorrow.

In this weakened state, I’m starting to think that the United States has too many States – perhaps states should merge so that, like […]

Unsolicited Mail from a Legislator…

Hello friends. It’s Chris C hijacking elmada again. I think I need to get my own blog. Anyone that can help, please feel free to show me how!

The other day I received a letter in the mail from my Virginia Delegate welcoming me as a new voter in the 14th district. Many legislative accomplishments […]

Sorry Chris

Our friends in the Virginia Legislature have Amerika’s best interests at heart.

Seconds after I found the story on Obscure Store, a colleague came into my office and asked me about the droopy pants being banned in Virginia.

To which I have to say, I’m disappointed that the State Senate would vote down the bill […]

Old Fashioned Ideas

Thomas Jefferson is out of style in Virginia.

No surprise there.

Colonial Williamsburg

I was going through old emails, deleting them today, when I found this email. It describes my visit to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, with my sister this past March.

Before you read: (1) This was for a mostly European audience; (2) I have photos, and I’ll post them in the next couple of weeks. This is […]