March 2023


Super Dienstag

First off I want to congratulate the American media for finally getting something correct.

Today is Super Tuesday.

Unfortunately it’s not Super Tuesday for the faux reasons that the media offers up. I wouldn’t say anytime one gets to choose between an excessively old codger, Ronald Reagan Hair, or a religious nut job, it’s not […]


For those of you who live in Washington State, I strongly urge you to sign the petition and support Initiative 957, the “Defense of Marriage Initiative.”

This groundbreaking and innovative initiative would ensure that childless marriages are banned since, as state courts have noted, marriage is “exclusively for the purpose of procreation and child-rearing.”

Zwiebelmarkt und Demokratie

Tomorrow is the day of my big Onion Market party—where I am serving delicious Louisiana Gumbo.

Today is the day I make the basics of gumbo—including vegetable stock.

But before I did that, I ran down to the Zwiebelmarkt because I needed to get cash from the ATM and run over to the post office […]

domestic elections

In case you haven’t noticed, I have pretty much sworn off ever voting for a Republican again. George W. Bush and his friends have managed to screw up America more than I ever could have imagined possible.

This stands in direct contrast to a rule I once had that I could not vote a straight […]

US Citzens Living Abroad

American Citzens living abroad can vote.

Please visit Vote From Abroad for details.

It’s November here.

Well, I’ve done it.

I have done the most important civic thing I can possibly do this fall-too bad it doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, but I have taken the time to vote.

I have also fulfilled an earlier pledge this fall to not vote for one Republican under any circumstance, […]

Diebold Protest

Dear President Sepanski,

I have been a member of the IU Credit Union since 1998, the summer I first moved to Bloomington. In that time I have used the Credit Union for the vast majority of my day-to-day financial services needs.

However, I am concerned because I’ve recently noticed trucks from Diebold outside your east […]

Queer Voting

Voting Abroad

I’m relieved to know that my vote counts, although considering that my vote will count in Indiana, it really doesn’t count. I expect that my vote for John Kerry will result in Bush’s margin of victory going from 10 points to 9.9999 points.

Big Deal, right?


That does not mean I won’t be involved. […]

The Future of Voting…

Hi Everybody — I will have a lot to say later, but for now, please join the MoveOn.org drive to have Voter Verified Paper Ballots. I believe it is critically important to have a paper trail when we have elections–I don’t trust the software engineers.

Sign the Petition!