April 2024


38 Days, revisited.

At my new home, this piece of art no longer hangs directly in view from my working position – so it is no longer something I stare at continuously.

I previously featured 38 Days in my blogpost Whatchamacallit 152.

Now I see it whenever I leave my bedroom.

It still resonates, as a testimony to […]

My October in a few photos…

I started October in Stockholm, exploring an incredibly beautiful city.

My hotel was near T-Östermalmstorg, a vibrant part of the city. I’d planned to spend Saturday morning taking a free walking tour of the city, but the tour group was excessively large and there was only one tour guide, so I skipped out and […]

Last Day in Seoul: the DMZ

Me and the South Korean Guard – I’m standing in North Korea

The last stop in Seoul for me was the DMZ – the space between North and South Korea where tensions are highest.

Except for me, the tension did not seem that great.

I took a tour from the “Service Club” – www.tourdmz.com […]

Echoes across space and time – Wyoming from Germany: My Wyoming Monologue

Below is my piece for the Wyoming Monologues, a performance put on at the University of Wyoming last night, March 8, 2013, following a performance of the Vagina Monologues. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ian, Stephan, Jay, Alexander, and Bonnie for their helpful comments during the writing process. Further, it would […]

The greatest invention ever: Prosecco 2Go

Today’s been, for me, a really good day.

For the most part – the only problem was when a train wagon I boarded had eight guys dressed with the same t-shirt, each with a 6-pack of beer. This was my cue to move to a different wagon where life would be more civilized.

Although I’m […]

20 Years On: Old Soviet Military Base

News from October 1989.

A few years ago I spotted on Flickr some photographs of an old Soviet military base located near Weimar. Thursday I finally made the trek out there with a friend—he with his sophisticated film camera, me with my crappy point and shoot digital camera.

I’d show you his pictures, but […]

What’s Next?

I’ve done a lot of walking since getting to DC—visiting a lot of places and doing a lot of things: Arlington, Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Korean War Memorial—to name a few.

All of this time I’ve been wondering to myself the very question posed in the comments by Ed: What […]

Respect and Honor, II

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Dusk 29 September 2007. Pax.

Respect and Honor

On the other side of the Potomac River from The Mall is Arlington National Cemetery, and it was my destination for the day. And now I don’t know where to begin because Arlington National Cemetery single handedly brings up a myriad of topics to consider, both personal and political.

I guess I’ll start with the […]

Back Home Again…

My trip to Berlin was pretty darned good.


Now I will confess that I misplayed parts of my trip, but it is suffice to say that my opinion of Berlin has turned a corner. The city still has fundamental problems—like being too spread out and difficult to get around—but this time I kind of […]