July 2024


My Saturday in Berlin: Thai, Firefighers, and Kites

Tempelhofer Feld, with people and kites!

The weather in Berlin right now is incredibly warm – mid September and the temperatures are in the upper 20s.

Saturday I hung out with one of my colleagues, hitting up Preußenpark and it’s weekend Thai food market. I’m not sure about the exact history of the […]

Berlin’s Hot! 97°F Hot!

…and with no air conditioning, per usual.

June has, to be blunt, hotted up nicely. With temperatures soaring above 30°C daily since Saturday, my ice cream sorbet consumption has soared.

This past weekend was a three-day weekend in Berlin (and, I suspect, most of Germany). Celebrating Whit Monday, this was the last legal holiday for […]

What a beautiful fall…

Since getting back from the States, I’ve been pretty busy at work – keeping pace (not falling behind) and enjoying the day-to-day life.

Pretty much at the expense of my personal life.

Sunday, though, I broke out of my routine and popped over to a nearby café for brunch. The weather was absolutely, positively fantastic […]

Ask Adam: Awesome Answers Assured.

Today was an odd day.

This past fall I bought myself a Jack Wolfskin jacket, thus completing a critical step in the process of becoming fully assimilated into Things German®. When I wear it, I become virtually indistinguishable from the thousands of Germans who wear their jackets every single day.

It’s a nice jacket, perfect […]

Random Thoughts for January 20, 2013

My Wyoming Cowboys won their basketball game against #15 San Diego State last night. Given the scheduled game times, I tend to sleep through the vast majority of the games – February 16th is the most plausible game for me to watch/hear live, if it weren’t for the fact that I already have plans […]

Adam – allein zu Haus, part Wednesday

I’m happy to report that I’ve survived Christmas, at home, alone.

Since Friday evening, I’ve watched a lot of Breaking Bad, read books, went to the gym, and took a lot of naps.

I actually never left the house Saturday – temperatures in Berlin dropped below freezing and I decided that I’d rather be warm […]

I’m really happy with Continental Airlines (or United, if you must)

I’m back in Berlin – safe, sound, and impressed after flying Continental Airlines (being pedantic) (or United Airlines, if going by branding) for six segments. In fact, I was so impressed with the service on my flight from Newark to Indianapolis that I wrote a letter complimenting the flight attendant.

Now I’m considering writing a […]

I could be depressed, but yesterday I…

As I imagine it, people are bored of me (and others) all bitching about the same thing pretty much continuously for the last few weeks: the lack of summer this summer here in Berlin

So when yesterday’s forecast had a big ball of flame on it, and it didn’t turn into clouds, I got excited […]

UFO Above Berlin

This thing, which is in the skies above Berlin, is unfamiliar.

Can anybody identify what it is?

If it hadn’t been so gosh darned cold!

Last week I invited a number of my colleagues to join me in a beer garden tonight in order to celebrate the Fourth of July.

I decided to cancel the gathering because it was just plain cold and wet out. This morning there was a point when I looked out my office window and couldn’t […]