July 2024


Correspondence with the Köln Bonn Airport after #WEBMU

From TQE to the Cologne Bonn Airport:

Warum Wasser kostet 3,15 € nach Sicherheit? Das ist viel teurer als in Souvenirläden in Köln.

Why does Water cost 3.15 € after security? That’s a lot more expensive than in souvenir shops in Cologne.

Response from the airport:

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail. Ihre Verärgerung über hohe […]

Köln, a beautiful city at night, worth the #WEBMU adventure

This was my second trip to Cologne and this one was vastly different from the first. That said, both were great and I would happily return to Cologne to party, either with, or without, my wunderbar expat friends.

Perhaps the best time of day in Cologne was the evening – preparing for drinking lots of […]

Locks of Love

Hohenzollern Bridge


Upholding Tradition: the TQEQE 2011 at Maxbar in Köln

I’m back in Berlin recovering from the 2011 Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up, which was held in Cologne this year.

The 2011 WEBMU was fantastic and I heartily thank our fantastic hosts for putting together a very nice program that included lots of beer, a nice tour of the city, and a lot more beer.

As […]

… and so begins two weeks of fun.

Starting Friday I have a ton of cool stuff going on!

Well, it starts with the dentist.

Then I’m off to WEBUM 2012 – in Köln – and this trip will knock my current tenth place airline down a notch. Am happy about that since the current tenth place airline is RyanAir. And I won’t […]

You’re Invited (if you’re an English language blogger based in Germany)

This year the Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up (WEBMU) is going to be October 21 through 23, in Köln.

For those of you unfamiliar with WEBMU, it’s an annual meet-up of English language bloggers based in Germany. During the meet-up, we get a tour of the host city, share meals, and, on Saturday night, go on […]