May 2024


Suddenly I have a free weekend in September.

Due to the fact that I am extremely uncomfortable with the direction that some want the Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up to take, I am no longer a co-host for WEBMU 2012 in Berlin.

Not yet sure what I will do, but I imagine it will involve sand.

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The Number 1 Event in Berlin this Year: WEBMU 2012!

This year is the 775th anniversary of Berlin, and, as in every year, there are a ton of events going on: Berlin Marathon, Christopher Street Days, the Entzaubert alternative DIY GLBT film festival, fireworks, and the Festival of Lights – to name a few.

But clearly, all of these events are competing to be the […]

WEBMU 2012 – Those Whiney Expatriate Bloggers are picking a Meet-Up Spot

It’s springtime in Germany and, therefore, time to talk about where the English speaking expatriate bloggers living in Germany are going to get together in the fall to complain about Germany…

Gosh, that sounds convoluted:

If you are an English speaking, expatriate blogger based in Germany and want to join the 2012 meet-up for people […]

Correspondence with the Köln Bonn Airport after #WEBMU

From TQE to the Cologne Bonn Airport:

Warum Wasser kostet 3,15 € nach Sicherheit? Das ist viel teurer als in Souvenirläden in Köln.

Why does Water cost 3.15 € after security? That’s a lot more expensive than in souvenir shops in Cologne.

Response from the airport:

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail. Ihre Verärgerung über hohe […]

Köln, a beautiful city at night, worth the #WEBMU adventure

This was my second trip to Cologne and this one was vastly different from the first. That said, both were great and I would happily return to Cologne to party, either with, or without, my wunderbar expat friends.

Perhaps the best time of day in Cologne was the evening – preparing for drinking lots of […]

Locks of Love

Hohenzollern Bridge


Upholding Tradition: the TQEQE 2011 at Maxbar in Köln

I’m back in Berlin recovering from the 2011 Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up, which was held in Cologne this year.

The 2011 WEBMU was fantastic and I heartily thank our fantastic hosts for putting together a very nice program that included lots of beer, a nice tour of the city, and a lot more beer.

As […]

… and so begins two weeks of fun.

Starting Friday I have a ton of cool stuff going on!

Well, it starts with the dentist.

Then I’m off to WEBUM 2012 – in Köln – and this trip will knock my current tenth place airline down a notch. Am happy about that since the current tenth place airline is RyanAir. And I won’t […]

You’re Invited (if you’re an English language blogger based in Germany)

This year the Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up (WEBMU) is going to be October 21 through 23, in Köln.

For those of you unfamiliar with WEBMU, it’s an annual meet-up of English language bloggers based in Germany. During the meet-up, we get a tour of the host city, share meals, and, on Saturday night, go on […]

TQEQE 2010: That Queer Expatriate’s Queer Expedition in Hamburg

It feels like a lot longer ago, but last Sunday I, along with my roommates for the weekend (Snooker in Berlin, the Regensbloggers, and the Zurikas), was struggling to catch the ferry to the closing WEBUM/WEBMU 2010 Brunch on the Alster in Hamburg.

We were struggling because Saturday night was my annual expedition where I […]