May 2024


You’re Invited (if you’re an English language blogger based in Germany)

This year the Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up (WEBMU) is going to be October 21 through 23, in Köln.

For those of you unfamiliar with WEBMU, it’s an annual meet-up of English language bloggers based in Germany. During the meet-up, we get a tour of the host city, share meals, and, on Saturday night, go on […]

TQEQE 2010: That Queer Expatriate’s Queer Expedition in Hamburg

It feels like a lot longer ago, but last Sunday I, along with my roommates for the weekend (Snooker in Berlin, the Regensbloggers, and the Zurikas), was struggling to catch the ferry to the closing WEBUM/WEBMU 2010 Brunch on the Alster in Hamburg.

We were struggling because Saturday night was my annual expedition where I […]

Last Friday in Lüneburg

Last Friday was the Umlaut Sidetrip to Lüneburg for WEBUM/WEBMU 2010. I finally uploaded pictures from the trip, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Lüneburg's decorated its utility boxes–this one to look like an apartment building.

This is the "Unterkirche" for a church in Lüneburg. Quiet and dramatic.

WEBUM (or is it WEBMU) 2010 Hamburg was excellent.

I’m happy to report that I’m on my way home from my weekend away in Hamburg.

This weekend was the annual “Whiney Expatriate Blogger Unmissable Meetup,” an even where a number of expatriate bloggers get together and complain—or at least gossip.

Each year a hardworking local team puts together an amazing program and all I […]

Random Things: I promise not to do this too often.

I have a zillion things running through my mind and I need to get them off my chest, so here goes nothing:

Penny Markt, home of Happy End toilet paper, is selling a Coca-Cola duvet and pillow cover set for 20€ this week. I want a set and I made a plan to go buy […]

WEBUM-2010 is only a month away in Hamburg!

I’ve been a bad boy.

Unlike many other members of the expatriate blogging community in Germany, I haven’t promoted this year’s meet-up once! Therefore I feel like I should mention the fact that from September 10 through 12, a bunch of expatriate bloggers will hold a meet-up in Hamburg.

It is the fifth (I believe) […]

I Love… Whaaa?

by San Diego Shooter

I’m not an expert on the history of advertising, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the I♥NY campaign is one of the most memorable and effective tourist campaigns ever created. Conceived in 1977, the imagery is still used today to promote the city and the state.

Despite […]


Living in Thüringen, one is not exposed to either Lederhosen or Dirndl, the image of clothing that the world has of Germany.


It’s hard to tell from afar, but there are distinct cultural differences within Germany. Thüringen is famous for its bratwurst and potato dumplings; Bavaria is home to Oktoberfest and fancy dress […]

WEBUM – Queer Expedition

In my humble opinion, the most highly anticipated event during the Whiney Expatriate Bloggers Unmissable Meetup – the WEBMU – is the (now) annual Queer Expedition, which is now in its third year.

Two years ago, in Dresden, Ian, of Letters Home, and I checked out its tiny and noisy gay scene on Friday night—it […]

Munich Impressions

Locals ride the waves in Munich.

Difficult to find.

Dirndles for women