June 2024


Weekend in Vienna

In July, I decided that I needed to plan a weekend in Vienna in order to, uh… escape the heat of my apartment for an air conditioned hotel room in Vienna. Yup, I specifically sought out air conditioning in Vienna and I appreciated it. The dates were set: the last weekend in August would be […]

I <3 WE: Visiting the European Capital of Culture (1999)

My first time in Weimar today. I returned 30 minutes later for a longer visit.

Back when I took my apartment in Weimar, I knew that my time remaining in Weimar would be limited, so one important (but unspoken) criteria was that my apartment would be easy to get rid of—that I would be […]

Easter Weekend, so far.

Lots of languages. No English.


The Eisbären won the German ice hockey championship! Sweet!


The Lives of the Others


Haupstrassefest in Schöneberg.



I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!

Happily, for me, another workweek is closed.

Yes, I know, it’s only Thursday, but I have a guest in town for the next two weeks and tomorrow morning we are going out of Berlin for a long weekend. I’d tell you where, but that might ruin some of the surprise—suffice to say, we’re flying Air […]

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. Saturday

Every weekend since January 8 and 9, I have either been packing for travel, travelling, preparing for a guest, hosting a guest, sick, or, in the case of last weekend, working hard on a project with a tight deadline.

This weekend: nothing stressful planned.

I took Saturday easy—doing chores that I’ve let go for three […]

Awesome Weekend

Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and there was a half-meter of snow on the ground, I would be sad, but I would have no cause for complaint because this weekend was wonderful.

The weather could not have been better and everything I did went swimmingly well and was excessively enjoyable.

Quite frankly, it was […]

The Weekend Begins…

Happy Friday to you!

I’ve had a really good week, and it’s closing off with two friends coming over for homemade Pizza, homemade dessert (TBA), and movies.

Strangely, after returning from the States, my computer came down with two viruses—I don’t know whether I’ve had them for awhile or if the latest updates of my […]

Holiday: Easter Monday

Despite there being no discernable holiday on today, it’s a holiday here in Germany.

I guess it’s the day that people recover from their Easter hangovers: too much of the communion wine, or something like that. I really am clueless. I do know it’s also a long holiday weekend in the UK, and presumably other […]

Easter Saturday

I’m having a great weekend—despite the fact that it’s a long four day holiday weekend in Germany.

Grocery stores are closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday in observance of Easter; stores are open today, and like many other people, I ventured out to stock up on the necessities—for a change of pace I went over […]


Today I am leaving town—escaping the Internet leash, turning off my mobile, and making for Leipzig.

Yes, it’s a weekend away, a trip to the G-Garage, the Blaue Trude, and other sights that will release stored up energy.

It’s not all fun and games – I am escaping in order to finish putting together all […]