June 2024


Ack! Between my Hexenschuss and my trip to Amsterdam…

I’ve gained two kilo in the past two weeks – and I’ll blame one kilo on not going to the gym, and the other kilo on Amsterdam.

With respect to the gym, once the Hexenschuss hit, I stopped going to the gym for over a week, and when I started going to the gym again, […]

At the risk of sounding somewhat… boring, I have totally lost track of time.

Some how it is Tuesday, almost 9pm, and I am sitting on my couch, feet splayed out on the ottoman, and thinking about bed.

It’s been, on many levels, an extraordinarily good couple of days – starting with gym crap: I keep going. There are times that I question my sanity, like over the weekend […]

I’m workin’ it! Progress with working out….

It has been awhile since I last blogged about going to the gym, so I thought it was high time for a quick update: progress is being made.

No, I’m not losing weight, yet – although I will say I think that in the past week there is movement in that direction.

I am, however, […]

Over the gym hump.

I went to the gym yesterday where I lifted weights and did cardio for an hour.

It was actually a great day because I finally was able to complete both sets of shoulder presses. I’d tell you how much weight I was lifting, but the number is so low as to be embarrassing—although if the […]

Torturing Myself: My Body Hates Me.

After a six and a half year absence, I have restarted going to the gym.

I’m not really that far into my re-immersion into the concept of working out—just over a week now—but it’s going well, so far. Even if my body isn’t really agreeing.

The weight lifting part of the experience—well, my body is […]