May 2024


Visiting the European Capital of Culture (1999)

I had a great long weekend in Weimar.

Honestly, I’m not the typical tourist – I didn’t do the holy Goethe and Schiller thing, although I did walk past their statues in Theaterplatz.

Overall, in the eleven months since I’ve moved, not much has changed. There are a few more buildings that have been renovated […]

Off Kilter.

It’s always surprising to me how the little of things can sometimes throw me off.

Take, for example, the Weimar Office.

Now I know that I bitched earlier this year, threatening to find a new Weimar Office because the incumbent was having a bad patch.

Ultimately I discovered that Weimar lacks decent competition—at least competition […]

Kaffee Quest Continues

Some of you might remember when became annoyed my regular “Weimar Office” and declared the search for a new “Weimar Office” open.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an adequate replacement.

The key criteria for my search is the ability to work indoors since I am unwilling to work on my computer outside in the […]

Memorandum to Weimar Office Staff

To: Baristas at the Weimar Office From: That Queer Expatriate Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 Re: Weimar Office Conditions

Dear Staff,

I’m who you think I am: that guy who shows up with his computer and works for 3-4 hours whilst ordering 1-2 coffees and, often, a baguette with ham. The first coffee is usually […]

Awesome Weekend

Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and there was a half-meter of snow on the ground, I would be sad, but I would have no cause for complaint because this weekend was wonderful.

The weather could not have been better and everything I did went swimmingly well and was excessively enjoyable.

Quite frankly, it was […]

Monday, Work Break.

During a brief break from work whilst at the Weimar Office.

What a Weekend!

1 cent, Salt, Bread: A German Welcome to Your New Home

I should probably be getting back to finishing my current work project—a deadline is looming tomorrow—but instead I need a few minutes to decompress. My first load of laundry is in the dryer (I need what’s in it tonight), the second (of three) […]

Good Night & Good Luck

Cathy, as promised, popped over tonight—it was absolutely fantastic seeing her—a much needed break from the constant stress of moving.

I’d spent the morning working at the Weimar Office—I had an unexpected project dropped in my lap yesterday and I was told it would be easy. Much to my surprise it took me over three […]

Foggy Weather

Now I realize that I could pontificate about that major event happening tomorrow, but I figure that all of my eligible readers have either already played their part, or will play their part—and they know who to vote for.

Instead I am going to talk about the weather.

It’s been foggy these last few days, […]

Bauhaus Goethe und Schiller

New Goethe & Schiller Cookie Cutters!

Today I broke my pattern and instead of going directly to and from the Weimar Office, I wandered through town after Coffee and Cake.

It was no surprise to me when I found the most recent permutation of Weimar’s never ending Goethe and Schiller worship: The Cookie Cutters.