March 2023


Girl on Girl Action: The Berlin Bombshells

The Safety Check, prior to the second period.

A few years ago I saw Whip It, and I enjoyed it – ever since then I’ve been interested in seeing an actual Roller Derby contest.

Unfortunately it can be challenging to see a match as the games are somewhat irregularly and infrequently scheduled. Furthermore the […]

Wide, Wide World

After returning from South Africa, I noticed a new sign in my apartment building lobby here in Weimar—something about digital satellite television!

It only took a week and a half, but today I got a colleague who adores all things electronic to go with me and pick up two new satellite decoders for the televisions […]

Photo Friday: Girl

Two girls proud to be Armenian in Yerevan on September 21, 2006.

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Husband Locks Wife Out of Happiness Because She is Stank!

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Perhaps if today’s women douched with Lysol, I wouldn’t be gay.

Wyoming, Land of Opportunity -ies

Awhile back my sister sent me a notepad that she’d come across.

The notepad promoted the Wyoming Department of Workforce Service (a fancy name for “Labor” I suspect), proclaiming that they “link human and economic development for Wyoming’s future.”

Across the bottom of the pages they had four separate rotating factoids to consider as one […]

Women’s Day

Did you know today is International Women’s Day?


Well.. if you’re a guy, bring the women in your life flowers. I was told that I should have but I pointed out that I’d never heard of the day before yesterday afternoon. I tried to defend men, but quite frankly, I’m not that good at […]

still ill..

So I stayed home today… slept a lot… didn’t do as much reading as I hoped… something about focusing on breathing… yuck.

Yesterday, as I was leaving the apartment, I started walking down the stairs when I noticed movement within range of my eyes–so I looked.

A woman was opening her window across the way […]