June 2024


Flashing back to Vancouver at Ostkreuz.

Yesterday I was out at the Ostkreuz train station – a part of Berlin that I rarely visit because it’s not really between home and work. It’s not actually a place worth avoiding, rather my commute and regular habits really do not involve heading that direction.

But I was out there to meet somebody. […]

Locked Out.

This afternoon I couldn’t get into my office – the key just would not turn. No matter how hard I tried.

It was a bit inconvenient as I actually wanted to go home, but my coat was still inside the office.

Not sure what to do, I popped down to the nearby administrative assistant and […]

German Promptness and Courtyard Rennovation

About a week ago I noticed a new sign posted on the bulletin board vaguely near the mailboxes in my apartment building. Usually the things pinned to the bulletin board are of no interest to me and/or are out of date. Nicely, though, out of date things are usually promptly removed.

The arrival of the […]

Amusing Complaint

So the wall in the living room has been repaired.

Rather than ripping out the wall and building a new one, the workman spackled over the crack and painted it.

Somewhere in the middle of this I stepped into the living room. He informed me that it wasn’t drying quickly because the room was cold.


A Cold Day In…

The Living Room.

The plumber showed up and removed the radiators from the wall—he was merely an hour late.

Unfortunately it seems that the wall demolition and rebuilding will happen tomorrow; I just wish I knew what time it was going to happen.

For the record, it’s 0°C outside right now.

Guess the time…

Wednesday, I am having the radiators in my living room fixed.

To do this, the radiator will be removed from the wall, the wall will be ripped out, new drywall installed, and the radiator will be reinstalled. This set of actions will occur twice as there are two radiators in said room.

The workmen are […]

Men On Me

It started early last Friday morning—I got out of the shower and decided I wanted to know what the weather was like outside, so I opened my window: It was cool and crisp out; and as I looked directly down, I realized that some men were putting up scaffolding around the exterior of my building—at […]