December 2023


Back in gear at the gym.

I’m happy to report that after a two or three month slump at the gym, the past week or so, I seem to have hit my stride again.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure that November was a month that I went to the gym, just to keep the habit going. December was the month I […]

A Little Remembered Anniversary Passed This Week

I work out.

While Germans were observing the anniversary of Kristallnacht and celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, I observed the second anniversary of my gym membership.

By coincidence I had a meeting with my personal trainer – and we discussed my progress over the last two years.

And as I look back […]

At my gym there’s a guy who never shuts up. And it’s annoying.

Actually there are a couple guys at my gym who seem to have the need to constantly talk.

Usually I can easily ignore the Chatterbox-Chucks (and, surprisingly, it’s usually the men who are constantly gossiping) because, although they’re talking, they moving from machine to machine and not hogging any single machine.

That and when I […]

18:00 CET: On the Vario

As I sort of expected, I was at the gym at 18:00 CET today – I’d already lifted all the weights and so I was on to my cardio for the day, the Vario machine.

18:00 CET time came at roughly 45 minutes into my 50 minutes of cardio – I sort of had to […]

One year, 5 days ago…

Was my first meeting with my personal trainer at the gym.

Tonight I tried on a pair of blue jeans I haven’t been able to wear in years.

The jeans fit.

Having a guest is keeping me busy…

For the last two weeks (well, since returning from #WEBMU), I’ve been thrilled to host my friend Koko.

Unfortunately she’s returning to the States Sunday morning (departing on an ungodly early flight from Berlin), and I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with her, while keeping up with work and going to […]

On the gym life and doing more cardio.

Last Friday I met my personal trainer who decided that she wanted to change my routine by having me alternate between weights-and-cardio days with pure cardio days.

To make it interesting, my cardio only days feature 35 minutes of stationary bicycling (something new for me) and 35 minutes of the Vario machine that’s like an […]