June 2024


Whatchamacallit 69: Larry Kramer – The Tragedy of Today’s Gays

I woke Thursday morning to the news that Larry Kramer died.

Thanks to other writers – namely Dan Savage, but others as well – I am well aware of Larry Kramer. But I only have one book by him, The Tragedy of Today’s Gays.

Which is, in many respects, a shame: Larry Kramer is […]

A profession I admire: Übersetzer

It took me awhile, but a year ago, whilst in England, I picked up some novels by David Lodge.

David Lodge is, in academic circles, famous for his academic trilogy, the David Lodge Trilogy, starting off with Changing Places, followed by Small World, and concluding with Nice Work. I’d never heard of the books before […]

Losing Control

Seriously, I like the idea of collaborative writing, but this goes a few steps too far for me.

Meanwhile I’m on a jet plane. See you on the other side of the pond.

Photo Friday: Oddity

Public access typewriters are now an oddity.

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Beware Thunderbolt!

I have favorite authors—I’ve named many in the past.

Today I want to tie together two of them: David Sedaris and Bill Bryson.

It turns out that both are American expatriates and both are great writers.

David Sedaris, through “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” accidentally colored how I view language acquisition. As he struggled to […]

Dan Savage

Dan Savage. Originally uploaded by cpb.

Dan Savage is arguably the most important and influential gay writer in the United States today. I say this having read all four of his books and regularly reading his weekly sex advice column, Savage Love.

I cannot really remember my first distinct encounter with Savage Love, […]

The Story

The English Translation, to the German story.

“To be or not to be.”

I am (called) Carmen and my friend Pavel is practicing Hamlet. I am playing chess with Tom. We’re drinking wine. Not a good idea since we are guards. There is a rail in the office. We are guarding the world famous tapestry. […]